10/10/2011 - Things have been inactive lately, and with Autumn and Winter starting they are likely to stay that way with only minor things happening. The next and final Hydro Cannon and Super Shooter 2000 mods will probably be done next year. They will most likely be up for sale as well. I have got rid of my wanted list as I am not really after anything now. The videos section has also been removed for now as I don't think YouTube is the best place for them, so they are on hold and will be slightly changed until a I can find a better place for them.

26/07/2011 - Super Shooter CPS 2000 page added with more to come on it.

23/07/2011 - Faulty Power Pak Repair added. Also been doing the odd few cleaning up changes here and there.

18/07/2011 - The reviews section has been made fuller as I have glamourized the pages leading up to them so they aren't as boring.

15/07/2011 - Site is launched. New look, new hosting, new everything! The big boys are back, ready to rock!