20-07-2013 - New concept added in the form of the CPS 1600, I will be adding another in August, chances that'll be it for a while as I feel there are a good amount now, although if I have a spur of creativity then there will defo be more.

30-06-2013 - The CPS 2000 Video is done and uploaded. Also updating from last time when I announced the soaker sale on eBay, most of them have been sold apart from one CPS 2000 Mk2 which I will put up in about a week or so.

25-05-2013 - A busy day today, just finished getting all the video footage for the CPS 2000 Mk1 and Mk2 done, also took shot pics of the Mk1. Planning to edit it all together for a big video soon. Another reason why I have done this today is because I am selling them on eBay over the next and upcoming Summer weeks, so this is just a heads up.

21-05-2013 - CPS 1700 Nozzle Selector Repair added. Also made some slight tweaks to the site in terms of accessibility.

12-04-2013 - Not been active a great deal lately, I plan to add some stuff that includes some more blaster videos, more concepts and a repair soon. Good news however on the action front, as I have managed to obtain this which arrived today.

11-02-2013 - First update since the redesign, yeah I know things have been rather quiet since, although there are some more things I plan to add. First up to kickstart the year is a new concept, the CPS 1800.