20x Better Than 20x

Tools/Items Used

-Round file

While the CPS 2000 here does have considerable power, doing very well with the 5x and 10x nozzles, the 20x once again, like on a normal 2500, that power just didn’t translate into some awesome devastating beam.  It was just like how a normal 2500 would shoot, turbulent and unpredictable, and not having great range like the 2000’s single nozzle.

This very simple mod finally puts an end to this, and makes the 20x nozzle more like what we would have wanted.  It is similar to the CPS 3000/3200 20x nozzle repair I did.  Now look into the 20x nozzle in the picture, you’ll notice a raised bit of seam inside, like a burring, this is what causes the 20x to act like how I have described it in the last paragraph, it needs to be removed, and made smooth.


I did this by getting a round file and wrapping sandpaper around it.  I then put it through the nozzle to the point where it is tight, and then rotated it around gradually and smoothly removing the raised pieces.  I ended up going through a fair few strips of sandpaper.


And after all that smoothing away, I ended up with this, a nice smooth inside with no raised crippling lump anymore.


When all the mod was done, testing it out proved to be a success, it shot a consistent beam that doesn’t suffer any turbulence, and now shoots far!  Oh yeah, if you wonder what the spring is, then well you’ll have to see The Return Of The Nozzle Selector for that!