Alternate Changeable Nozzle

While this is nothing much, for those of you who are wondering about the multi nozzle mod, this is the alternative option you can do if you are doing something similar to a Hydro Cannon, while I’m not doing it, I still thought it would be a good idea to mention how to do it, as well as show some interesting options.

Basically, despite me changing the nozzle size slightly for one fixed very laminate nozzle, the way you do this alternate option involves many of the same processes.  It is actually even easier really.

First get the 1/2" adaptor, however this time don’t chop off the threaded piece.  You still sand down the four ridges at the sides until they are no more.


Also with a sanding drill piece, again lightly sand down the inside to make it big enough to tightly fit over the bare nozzle piece on the blaster.


As per last time, using the mesh screen cut out a circular piece with some special pliers that is big enough to fit in through the back of the adaptor.


On the actual bare nozzle itself from the blaster, once again like last time wrap electrical tape around it all the way.


And just like last time it is pretty much the same process, as now all you need to do is fit the adaptor over again tightly, and then putting silicone rubber around the outside of the join.

Then it is the exact same process with the cosmetic cover piece, cut a hole in it with the a hole saw piece with a bench drill, and then file/sand out the rest until it is large enough to create a snug fit over the nozzle.



Now this is where things get interesting, as you can do a fair few different combinations!  Sadly 1/2" threaded end caps are a pain to get where I am, so much so that I don’t have any.  However with some parts I have in Duke’s spare ammo parts repair box, here’s some interesting shit out of not a lot.
The first option or options as this part you can get many of and do different things with, is using what looks like an inverted end cap with a thread on the outside and nothing on the end, so it is just a hole.  The actual outside thread is to fit 3/4" threaded pieces on.



Now better yet, we can fit a Hozelock connector piece on the end as that just so happens to have a 3/4" thread.  You can buy these pieces quite easily.  This will make a superb and streamlined medium sized nozzle; with the convenience of if you don’t like it, then just screw it off!  Just like deciding ‘Hmmm what clothes do I want to wear today, I know, I’ll wear my wetsuit!’


Now getting back to the bare inverted threaded end cap part before, looking at it straight on, it leaves a fully blank hole, for yes, you guessed it, our original nozzle can be mimiced quite easily as well as a load more different sizes to be done with multiple pieces.


And finally, another really interesting part, this is just with the adaptor with nothing screwed on it.  Remember the piece the SC Power Pak, Big Trouble and pretty much the Monster line used when inserting into the QFD?  Well I had one lying around, and guess what happened when two and two came together?


Oh yeah!  It is the same thread so amazingly, you can use it as a possible nozzle as well!

Well that’s it, you might wonder why I just didn’t do this anyway, however again, I was just focusing on having a long range CPS 2000 like stream that was as laminated as it could possibly be with as little as possible getting in the way.