Blaster Marks/Version Info

CPS 1200

1 – 2000 Version:  Yellow and purple colour scheme.
2 – 2001 Version:  Silver and purple colour scheme.

CPS 1500

Mk1 – Original: 

-Pump cap doesn’t unscrew
-Darker green coloured tanks
-Thicker and longer trigger that clicks when pulled
-Nozzle cap not glued on, instead it is connected on the inside by two plastic tubes
-The orange coloured parts (trigger, nozzle, pump cap and reservoir cap) veer more towards a darker red
-Reservoir cap has fewer ridges that are thicker and wider
-Raindrop pump handle pattern
-More solid stream and slightly better range

Mk2 – More common later release

-Pump cap unscrews
-Lighter green colour reservoir and tanks; reservoir also a lot more transparent when filled
-Shorter thinner trigger – no clicking valve when pulled
-Nozzle cap glued on
-Orange colour nozzle cover, pump/reservoir cap and trigger
-Reservoir cap has more ridges that are thinner
-Pump handle has an even cylinder type pattern
-Slightly less coherent streams, however this more common version feels a bit more reliable

CPS 1700

Two versions, same performance, different colours.

1 – Dark blue body, green tanks, with small black and purple detailing

2 – Metallic silver body, red tanks with black detailing; far more rare, exclusive version made for German market in 2001.

The rare European CPS 1700

CPS 2000

Mk1 (Original/1996)

-Longer pressure gauge (goes right up to where the ‘Super Soaker’ sticker is almost)
-The actual gauge level indicators to show how much water you have is just a sticker and not printed
-Holds about 5-8oz more water in its firing chamber
-Reservoir cap isn’t tethered
-Strap has no Super Soaker label on it
-On average has slightly more power and range

Mk2 (1997)
-Shorter pressure gauge (about an inch shorter)
-Gauge level indicators are printed onto the body
-Holds less water in the firing chamber
-Tethered reservoir cap
-Earlier models still had the strap with no Super Soaker labelling on, later ones had the more commonly associated Super Soaker labelled straps that became standardised on following blasters
-Slightly less power and range on average

The CPS 2000 Mk1

CPS 2100

Mk1 (Original)
-Flat seam at rear of reservoir that goes all the way up it
-Pump cap unscrews
-Reservoir cap has thinner ridges
-Nozzle cover not part of the body
-Best version

-Raised seam at rear of reservoir that doesn’t quite go all the way up
-Glued pump cap
-Thinner reservoir cap ridges
-Nozzle cover is part of the body so it is harder to take apart cleanly
-Check  valve is weak
-Stock power is good, however not the best for modding

-Large ridges at end of reservoir
-Pump cap unscrews
-Thicker reservoir cap ridges
-Nozzle cover is on the internals so no messy prying is needed when disassembling
-No weak check valve like Mk2
-Stock power slightly less than previous but still good – easy to mod

Unknown (Possibly Mk4?)
-No seam at rear of reservoir
-Reservoir cap has slightly larger ridges

The possible CPS 2100 Mk4

CPS 2500

Mk1 (Original) – Nozzle selector has no labelling on the plastic to show which nozzle is which

Mk2 – Nozzle selector labelled

Mk3 – Purple reservoir filler cap, lighter reservoir tank colour

Left, CPS 2500 Mk1, Right, Mk2

CPS 2500 Mk3

CPS 2700

1 – 2000 Version:  Red, yellow and purple colour scheme.

-Mk1 – Shorter pump cap that doesn’t screw off, it is still slightly visible when the pump is fully retracted back
-Mk2 – Longer pump cap that can just screw off easily, none of it is visible as the pump fully covers it when retracted back


2 – 2001 Version:  Silver, yellow and purple colour scheme.

-There are most likely different Mk’s of this version too; however I have only ever had one in this colour for a short time which was ages ago, so I cannot really give any accurate information at this time.

CPS 3000

Mk1 (Original)
-Purple pump handle

-Red pump handle

-Red pump handle
-Same backpack tube connector as the 3200 that followed
-Very uncommon, I have only seen/had one: chances are this was one of those in between production moments between when the 3000 was nearing discontinuation to be replaced by the 3200

CPS 4100

Mk1 (Original/2002)
-Seam at end of reservoir
-The best more reliable version

-Large rectangular ridges at end of reservoir
-Inferior version – has a weak trigger prone to snaps and wearing out the valve depending on how lucky you are


Original (2000)
-Named ‘Monster’
-Silver, green, purple and black colour scheme
-Larger nozzles (the 5x, 8.5x and 11.5x nozzles pushed out more than stated)
-The best version before they seemed to start scaling everything down

2001 Version
-Named ‘Monster X’ to make way for a smaller Monster
-Same silver, green, purple and black colour scheme
-5x, 8.5x and 11.5x nozzles made smaller with less output than stated, garden type nozzles unchanged
-Longer shot time but less powerful with less range

2002-03 Version
-Made shorter to accommodate store shelves
-Nozzles and reservoir made shorter/stubbier
-New colour scheme consisting of black, transparent orange, silver and blue
-Garden type nozzles now also made smaller: Typhoon Blast nozzle had circular holes and not squares like previously
-Once again the final version is rather scaled down again

Monster XL

Original (2000-01)
-Bigger reservoir and longer nozzles
-Best version

2002-03 Version
-Like the X, shortened down to fit on store shelves better
-Colour scheme unchanged
-Shorter reservoir and very stubby nozzles
-Once again nozzles made smaller: longer shot times but streams less cohesive with less output
-Typhoon Blast nozzle like the X holes were circular and not square

SC 500

-Beige body, hot pink tanks with ‘Air Pressure’ on the label
-Worse performance

-Beige body, purple tanks with ‘Constant Pressure’ on the label
-Much improved version as it now uses CPS

-Purple body and green tanks
-Same performance as Mk2
-European version

SC 600

-Beige body, orange tanks, black pump, styling and reservoir cap
-‘Air Pressure’ on label
-Worse performance

-Beige body, orange tanks, grey pump, styling and reservoir cap
-‘Constant Pressure’ on label
-Much improved performance

-Blue body, red tanks, pump and reservoir cap
-Same performance as Mk2
-European version

SC Power Pak

Mk1 (Original)
-Beige body, green detailing
-Better backpack connection design (no tubing sticks out of the backpack, goes straight to the connector)
-Best version

-Same colour scheme as Mk1
-Inferior backpack connection design
-There is a short length of connection tubing that sticks out before the connection itself: this may not seem like much, however when brand new and unopened in the box this was folded over which caused the hose tubing to rip apart depending on how some held up over time

-Purple backpack body and nozzle selector, yellow blaster body, turquoise detailing and blue hose tubing
-Same backpack connector design as Mk2
-European version

XP 55

Version 1 (Most common)
-Grey body, yellow tank, green pump handle and purple detailing

Version 2
-Orange body, green tank and pump handle with purple detailing

XP 95

Mk1 (Original/1994)
-Grey and blue body with purple detailing, red pump, green reservoir and yellow pressure tank
-More cylindrical shaped air pressure tank
-Superior version

Mk2 (1998 Classic Series remake)
-Same colour scheme as Mk1 apart from the air pressure tank is now green as well
-Spherical/bulb shaped air pressure tank
-Inferior as the pressure tank is smaller so holds less

XP 150

Mk1 (Original)
-1994 Release
-Grey and purple body, blue pressure tanks, yellow pump and trigger with red reservoir tank
-90 degree twist reservoir connection
-Riot blast capability

-1994/5 Release?
-Same colour scheme as Mk1
-Easier 180 degree twist reservoir connection
-Riot blast removed

Mk3 (Classic Series Rerelease)
-1998 Release
-New colour scheme:  light green body and purple body with purple reservoir, orange pressure tanks, pump and trigger
-180 degree twist reservoir connection
-Riot blast not 100% sure of, some do and some don’t but again I am a bit in the dark there at the moment, two of the ones I had didn’t, although I read online that some do

SS 300

There are two versions; however chances are no difference apart from slight cosmetics.

1 – Orange plastic at the top of the screw on piece that goes on the backpack
2 – Plastic is all blue on the screw on piece that goes on the backpack, more common, hose adaptor piece that connects to the gun part is also shaped slightly different as well as having a blue water flow valve turner



There is also a European version of the 300, same gun, however it is labelled Super Soaker 3000.