Carving It Up

Tools/items needed:

-Craft/carving knife

It is time to get back to work again and take out some more trash!  I’ll start with the reservoir part.  The new plan is now to basically use the reservoir (or what is gonna be left of it), as a shell/frame to guide the backpack tubing through (which you’ll find out about later on).  Most of this just involves carving and then smoothening off after.

First off, let’s start with the underside.


Next, it is now time to get the craft knife out, and carefully carve out a cross between a square and triangular shaped hole.  I put in a vice so it was steady doing it.


After pulling off the plastic I don’t need anymore, and then just carving little bits that stick out I ended up with this.


I did the same process again and made it slightly bigger.


While I didn’t get a picture (as given this is a first time I did quite a lot of fiddling), I actually made the hole a little longer again towards the front.  Here’s a picture with a line marking out how much more I cut.


That is this bit done, for now…

Next, I am going to be working on the hole at the back where the part with the intake tube would connect.  Yes, you guessed it, this is gonna get cut off.  This is getting like Starship Troopers where 95% of the characters get killed.


It is time to get the saw, and cut off this part that sticks out.  Then with a file and sandpaper I smoothed it off getting rid of all the sharp and uneven bits.  I even used the craft knife to get the finer bits.


I now needed to make this even larger, so I used the craft knife around the outline of the raised part you can see in the previous picture as an anchor point.  Again fine trimming bits off after.


Now with that done, more plastic will now be killed off, see the bit between the underside of the reservoir and the enlarged circular hole at the end?  Yep, that’s going now!  The usual craft knife carving down each side thing again.



We are almost finished on this part, not much reservoir left now but we still need it.  Just one bit of fine carving left, and that is the part at the front from the first carve is still narrow and pointy on both sides.  Once again, the final little trims with the knife.


And that’s this part finished!