The CPS 2025 is now finished, so it is time to see what it is like compared to before.  To sum up, spare parts from a new faulty CPS 2500 were put onto a CPS 2000 that could do with some sprucing up.  The CPS 2000 in question was #3117 from the CPS 2000 Comparison Page you may or may not have seen for a reference of before and after.

The parts done in question went nicely without hitch.  Along with that the finished product looks fly now, red highway to hell colouring combined with the cool more metallic grey body of the 2000 works nicely.

And now the new statistics table to see what has changed, even the reservoir volume is redone as I have found reservoirs despite being the same mould on the 2000 and 2500 aren’t the same, and differ in volume.

CPS 2025
3.055L - 107.5oz
3.225L - 113.52oz
600mL - 21.12oz
590mL - 20.77oz

Shot Time

8m - 26.4'
15m - 49.5'
600mL - 21.12oz
CPS 2025
9m - 29.7'
15.5m - 51.15'
653mL - 23oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
33mL - 1.16oz
CPS 2025
33mL - 1.16oz

Compared to before, there are some changes, not drastic, ones that should be worth noting.

-The reservoir volume from the 2500’s reservoir is larger than that of the one that was on the 2000 example used here.  This means that the 2025 holds 7oz more water than before, not much, but it is more at the end of the day and that’s always good.

-Combined with the reservoir, the new 2500 firing chamber holds a slight bit less water (10mL), this reduces the shot time by point one of a second to 0.9 seconds compared to a full second, not much of a difference.  CPS 2500 firing chambers as a whole tend to hold a bit less than 2000 Mk2’s.  However going back to the reservoir, combined with the slightly smaller firing chamber it does increase the shots per tank by a slight amount.

-While the new chamber holds less, as seen from the range, it does have more a bit more power to it compared to before thanks to it being basically new, so it should be good for ages now.

Some shot pictures of it are here, the rest can be found in the gallery.





That is pretty much it here, an overall successful result.  It shows you that the CPS 2500 firing chamber when put through the 2000 nozzle design can punch out the goods just as well power wise.  I had originally planned to make a multi nozzle option for it as well, however I could find no way of doing such a thing without hacking into things, which I don’t want.  Besides the single nozzle is designed so well that it would be a shame to do anything to it that potentially gives an irreversible mess up, that’s like going on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and being one question from winning and getting it wrong.  The multi nozzle idea still materialised on the CPS 2050, in which more CPS 2500 salvaged parts went to use.

To sum up, this CPS 2000 now turned 2025 has seen a nice makeover that performs well, and now looks even more badass and unique.