With the trouble making nozzle selector issue now solved and now put to use, the CPS 2050 is finished and is ready to go.

As a whole it is all looking good and everything is holding up now, the repaired nozzle crack around the 5x nozzle is holding well and is showing no signs of crumbling and breaking like an enemy spaceship.

The overall blaster looks quite menacing now, and with 3 nozzles now much more flexible.  Pictures of the final product are below.



Now it is time to get onto the performance, has all this massive power of this particular CPS 2000 shone through the nozzle selector?  Or has it not made as big a difference as thought?  Let’s see.

3.12L - 109.8oz
615mL - 21.6oz

Shot Time
Around 50ft
188mL - 6.6oz
Over 50ft
409mL - 14.4oz
Around 50ft
588mL - 27.06oz
Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
32mL - 1.126oz

The overall result is a successful one. The 20x nozzle now that it has had the burring smoothened out and removed, now produces a consistent beam like the 2000’s original single nozzle, which shoots very far.  It shoots for the same amount of time as this 2000’s original single nozzle, dishing out the same output, and it can still do 50ft or thereabouts in range.  Perhaps a tiny bit less than before, however given that it is through a nozzle selector with two other devastating nozzles, it’s really not bad at all.

It gets better however, as the 2500’s 10x nozzle is the standout bit here.  Coupled with the 2000’s power, it put out an incredibly agile and drenching stream of water that can easily clear 50ft.  The power of this CPS 2000 really demonstrates this nozzle, as a 10x on a normal CPS 2500 gets around 1.9 seconds of shot time, compared to this, where I was getting 1.4 – 1.5 seconds of shot time, about half a second less.  So it is more like a 15x nozzle on this, although again, despite the shot time being less, it is still an incredible stream that erupts out.  Lightning quick too, you’ll be soaked before you know what hit you.  At least you still get more tap shots than a 20x nozzle as well.

The 5x isn’t too bad either, like the 10x, it fires incredibly quick and precise streams.  While is meant for conserving mostly, it is still just as deadly and will hit targets hard with ease.  Also I found that like the other two nozzles, a good shot can get into 50ft range too.

What all this basically means is that this CPS 2000 that was already above average and deadly in stock form before the nozzle selector, has now just got three times more pant cripplingly terrifying for its enemies.  The nozzle selector has given that power way more flexibility, as well as still being able to fire every stream setting very far, overall making for a very consistent and highly performing package.

So, my finishing off mission has been a success, so now it’s gonna end like a Star Trek movie where the iconic music plays.  Who knows I may end up stumbling upon some more parts combined with a blaster at some point in the future, however I’m not banking on it since I have bought back the main things I was after, but who knows.  It has been a good ride.