Continuation - The Journey Goes On

The final part of the Hydro Cannon 2500 experiment I have been doing is now here.  I could start narrating the Star Trek intro speech here, however to save embarrassment I won’t.  To recap, the first load of mods did improve it noticeably compared to stock; loads more power, range, capacity, comfort and soakage; see the video for a general idea.  There were however areas that needed to be improved, power wise, I have pretty much reached the limit here, unless I decided to put some layers of rubber tubing around the pressure chamber, however that would decrease the shot time on an already gas guzzling water breathing blaster.

More than anything, these last set of mods make the blaster sleeker, more convenient, streamlined and polished, if anything it is more sharpening it up and tidying up, however still an improvement over the first incarnation.  One area that would have been nice to upgrade was the pump volume, however I don’t have the expertise, nor was I able to think of a clear way of doing it, so I have left that and will just have to live with the fact Hasbro make pumping the least a man can get.

Without any further introduction, you will now see what the Hydro Cannon 2500 has gone through again to make it the final finished article it is now, the Hydro Cannon 2500 FF (Final Frontier).  Boldly going where no other Hasbro made blaster has gone before, sorry, just had to!  And there goes The Next Generation theme music.