Covering Up

Tools/items needed:

-3mm Orange Acrylic Perspex Plastic Sheet
-Low viscosity superglue
-1 ½” & 1 ¾” Hole saw drill pieces
-Craft knife
-Bench Pillar Drill
-Block of wood

Finally, the long journey, end of the road is almost there.  It has been a hectic journey, but all in all it has been interesting and a good ride.

The final part is to cover up where the reservoir cap threaded used to be.  At the moment it is just a hole with duct tape cover the reservoir shell, so water can still get in.


The bench pillar drill comes in to play here.  A 1 ½” hole saw piece is needed, ready set up in it.


Now remember the orange bit of plastic sheet that was used for the new nozzle?  Yes we will be using another piece of it to cover up the hole.  With it resting on a block of wood and clamped, it is ready for the drill.


With this bit though, we don’t want to actually cut through it fully, we just want it so you can see a circular ridge.  This is because it creates a circular slot around the same size as the hole in the blaster, so it should fit in better when we stick it on.


With that part slightly cut, the 1 ½” hole saw piece needs to be changed to a 1 ¾” one, as this is the one to be using when cutting things out full circle.  That is all that was changed, nothing else got moved so an accurate hole can be done.


Afterwards, it looked like this.


The craft knife and file are needed next, as after the drill it was obviously rough and uneven.  After some fiddling and smoothing, the protective cover was peeled off and the new cosmetic cover piece was ready.


Next, I used sandpaper around the outside of the white ridged plastic of the circular piece on the blaster, in order for a nicer bond with the orange cosmetic piece when stuck on.


Now the last bit, I stuck on the low viscosity superglue (inevitably getting my hands sticky since this is a bit fiddly), and glued around the orange circle piece, and stuck it on until even, in which I let it set.


All that was then left to do was peel off the protective cover.


There we go, cosmetic piece done, and the blaster is now finally complete, and ready to rock!  Hooray!  The completed blaster is coming up next.