CPS 1000


The CPS 1000 was released in 1998 part of the legendary CPS line up back then.  I remember this was the first CPS soaker I ever got that introduced me to the sheer power of CPS, although I had a CPS 1-3-5 before it that doesn’t really count since it’s so bad for a CPS soaker.

This soaker has pretty much everything to give your enemies an itchy backside.  It’s got looks, reliability, power, range, soakage and the ability to be very agile because it’s so light holding around 2.3L of water.  The 5x nozzle is a simple no nonsense nozzle that really does the job on opponents, giving a good rioty blast.  The colours of the soaker are also very good and simple being gray, blue and a bit of orange.  It looks like a baby CPS 2000, that’s not a bad thing either.  The CPS 1000 also comes with a strap which is always a plus.  In terms of actual power, there is enough there to make opponents hold back, like a monster retreating back to its cage after being humiliated by a midget, speaking of which it applies the same here, as the CPS 1000 has around the same power as the Monster X and XL.  That’s pretty impressive for a soaker this small and cheap.  The XP 110 is around the same size albeit a bit thinner and has far less power!  Pumping is also pretty quick and easy, it’s like outrunning someone who tries their best but then after a second or two gives up and can’t be bothered anymore.

There are one or two places the 1000 falls down.  One being the fact the pump is not tracked, so if you cross the stupid line too far it will snap and break, making the soaker useless until you repair it.  Because of the explosive power combined with the not small but not big either firing chamber you’ll run out pretty quick if you go a bit too crazy on the trigger.  You’ll get 3 shots per tank and then a bit more, so it’s limited, but again what do you expect from a smaller CPS blaster.

Overall, flaws aside, this is still an amazing soaker.  If you want a simple, light, reliable, yet powerful old CPS soaker that doesn’t cost that much compared to what some blasters are fetching now, then the CPS 1000 is a great choice.  It has pretty much everything you need for a basic soaker without any major problems that bring it down.

Using the CPS 1000

Most air pressure soaker users should be easy, along with all the new crap out at present.  The 1000 is also good against similar sized blasters as well as the underpowered Monster line.  Anything bigger like the 1500 and up you’ll need to start relying on yourself a bit more.  Also watch for the older powerful XP’s.

Against the CPS 1000

Most air pressure soaker users watch out.  Blasters of a similar size like the 1200 and 2100 will be a good match.  Blasters like the 1500 or bigger will be a problem to a 1000 user; however you still need to watch out.

Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 90
Mobility 90
Intimidation 85
Soakage 80
Durability 90
Efficiency 90
Overall 91%