CPS 1200


2.49L - 87.6oz
600mL - 21.12oz

Shot Time
8m - 26.4'
13m - 42.9'
213mL - 7.5oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
30mL - 1.056oz

The CPS 1200 was released in 2000 replacing the 1000.  It shares many of the same features almost everywhere; of course there are differences in some places, although the basic recipe is pretty much the same, which makes this soaker very good still, in fact, the 1200 is one of my favourite soakers, although I reckon my model is a bit of a fluke.

The 1200 in terms of power is again like the 1000 with a 5x nozzle is good enough to piss off an opponent, if not a little bit more since in general the 1200 can fire slightly longer, not with mine though, so to me if you get lucky it can do more than piss off an opponent, it can piss them off quicker.  The reservoir holds slightly more water at 2.45L.  However it is not drastic enough to give an unfair advantage, it isn’t like someone with a gun against someone with nothing who wants to get shot.  The design is different, the size is the same, the shape isn’t, nothing wrong with that, adds variety, it’d be a bit crap if everything was the same.  It is still simple and easy to use, with the same quick pumping along with the strap to give a smaller sized yet effective soaker.  In terms of general use it actually feels a bit smoother than the 1000, which means it’d go good with drinking a pint.  The range is also very nice just like with the 1000.

As usual though it is not perfect, and it does stumble in places.  One being the colour scheme depending on what model you get is hit and miss.  The yellow and purple on the earlier model is rather controversial, however if you really are picky on colour there is a silver and purple version released a year later in 2001, but again that is not to everyone’s taste.  So you have a choice, camp, or cheesy.  I don’t really care to be honest about the colours, mine’s cheesy, however with the ferocious blasts mine gives opponents will never wished they laughed at the colour.  Another problem like the 1000 is the pump not being tracked again, although on the 1200 its worse, as the actual plastic pump tube is smaller in width, so be careful even more unless you reinforce it.  While the reservoir is slightly larger, you can still run out pretty quickly if you hog the trigger too much as your best friend.

Again, despite the problems, they aren’t enough to bring the 1200 down enough to the point where it is terrible.  Just like the 1000 it is just as recommended and is a great soaker, it is mostly the same in all the crucial areas for a soaker this type.  Either one you buy is a great decision.  The CPS 1200 like the 1000 as well at the moment you can find at price that won’t tear your wallet in half either.  If you see one it would be a good idea to buy it given they are discontinued now.

Using the CPS 1200

Air pressure users are pretty easy targets along with most of the new crap that is out now.  Similar soakers like the 1000 and 2100 are a good well rounded match along with the Monster series being reachable.  Be wary of larger CPS’s like the 1500 although even so the 1200 has enough staying power to cope.

Against the CPS 1200

Air pressure soaker users watch out, and most new crap soaker users just don’t bother for the most part unless you don’t care about losing (you must be mad!).  Similar sized soakers like the 1000, 2100 will prove a good challenge.  Anything bigger then you have the advantage, but not exactly by a mile by any means.  Only use older powerful XP’s if you know what you are doing for the most part.


Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 90
Mobility 90
Intimidation 85
Soakage 90
Durability 90
Efficiency 90
Overall 92%