CPS 1 - 3 - 5


2001 was really starting to go downhill for Super Soaker, and the CPS 1-3-5 really does show that, and to me is one of the worst Super Soakers ever made.  This is when stupid gimmicks that are mostly around today just got accelerated.  It doesn’t help how it replaced the CPS 1700, which is like getting rid Angus and Malcolm Young from AC/DC and replacing them with Simon Cowell, not good.

At least the CPS 1-3-5 in terms of structure and design shares nearly all the same aspects of the 1500/1700.  It holds around the same amount of water for both the reservoir and firing chamber, has the same sort of pump and pumping times to get to full, the usual strap and handle just in a slightly different frame.  So in terms of simplicity in just filling, pumping and using there’s nothing wrong.  Finally, Larami must have known and purposely done this, this blaster is pretty durable, it can take a beating, this was the first CPS I got and at that time I didn’t take as much care as I do now (I was at that young and more careless age of around 12 then), and most of the time it was left outside all winter, even sometimes with water in, and it still worked after all this lack of care, it is understandable that it can get treated badly since it did replace the 1700, one of the best blasters made.  I don’t know where it is now as I left it at someone else’s house years ago.  It also has a pretty long shot time if one or three streams are fired.

Now the shit really hits the fan here and then some, the whole house collapses really.  All because of instead of the more simple soaking nozzle approach, instead we got this stupid gimmick of being able to fire out 1, 3 or 5 nozzles horizontally depending on how far the trigger is pulled back.  Totally useless to me, given the nozzles are only 1x in output and you’d still struggle to hit a fat man effectively.  You could fire the blaster sideways, but you shouldn’t even have to do that each time to actually be more effective with a blaster.  For a CPS blaster, it’s pretty sad; the firing chamber in terms of power, range and soakage is pretty weak.  The pressure sensitive trigger that determines how many nozzles you’ll fire out of after a while wears out, so you’ll actually be stuck firing out five nozzles until you pump it some more so that the pressure makes the trigger valve pull back to just one nozzle, which is what is best to use most of the time.  It is still a massive inconvenience though.

This makes the CPS 1-3-5 as a whole not worth buying at all.  It is basically a bigger XP 85 (which if you read over the net is also terrible), that uses CPS and two extra nozzles.  It is just so bad, yes it might be good at beating a fair few air pressure blasters, but this is a CPS, and this blaster due to the stupid gimmicky nozzle feature and low power means it is outdone by pretty much every other CPS line blaster made.  Honestly I’d rather run around with a thousand insects in my pants in a water fight than use this, it’d be more crazy and entertaining.  The cheesy space aged design would have made the blaster good if it had power and not stupid gimmicks, however since it is not it is just cheesy and crap.

Using the CPS 1-3-5

Simply put; don’t, run around with a thousand insects in your pants if you have nothing else instead.  If you do, then a lot of XP’s are beatable, anything CPS or just large air pressure then put it down.

Against the CPS 1-3-5

Smaller air pressure XP’s watch out.  A simple CPS like a 1000 or Splashzooka and even XP’s like the 95 and up are enough to give a 1-3-5 user trouble and look weak for its size.


Ratings /100%
Power 40
Weight 80
Mobility 80
Intimidation 50
Soakage 40
Durability 90
Efficiency 30
Overall 30%