CPS 1400


Get ready to soak things up with the CPS 1400!  This is simple no nonsense easy to use blaster that is for those who want simplicity but also enough payload to get the job done.  Featuring a 2.75L reservoir and a 25oz firing chamber, combined with a 10x nozzle and you have a blaster that is always capable to soak your foes when you need it.  With sleek styling to match as well as a tracked pump, carry handle, strap and the ability to extend your water supply even more with the compatible Go Hi-Drate backpacks, the CPS 1400 has you covered, and will cover your opponents even more!

-2.75L Capacity
-CPS (Constant Pressure System)
-25oz/710mL CPS chamber capacity
-Powerful 10x nozzle
-Shoots up to 50ft/15m
-Tracked pump
-Pressure Gauge
-Comes with strap
-Carry handle
-Compatible with Go Hi-Drate backpacks