CPS 1500


3L - 105.6oz
830mL - 29.2oz

Shot Time
8.5m - 28.05'
12m - 39.06'
215mL - 7.5oz
9m - 29.7'
14m - 46.2'
350mL - 12.2oz
Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
35mL - 1.232oz


The CPS 1500 from the start is a great soaker.  Released in 1998 part of the legendary CPS line of Super Soakers, the 1500 doesn’t even have to say anything to impress and will blow away its competition into the middle of next week at least.

There are so many things that make the 1500 such a great weapon, and also a consideration as being one of if not the best Super Soakers made.  Where can I start, well the whole look, feel, balance, power and simplicity of this insane thing are fantastic.  It has more power than the smaller CPS’s like the 1000 along with having a 10x nozzle added to the mix with a very simple, effective and well built nozzle selector.  Because of this the whole experience of using in battle is great and makes it very offensive yet defensive when need be.  Having a spherical CPS bladder is also great as it gives it that very explosive power, it really is like punching someone you want to get revenge on really hard in the face it’s that powerful for its size.  Colours like with pretty much all the 98 CPS’s are simple and nice with grey, green and some orange which blend well together.  Even though it holds 3L of water for its reservoir and an amazing firing chamber capacity of around a litre, it is still very light and feels good, which makes it so versatile.  Pumping times aren’t bad either; however it does take slightly longer than smaller soakers given the firing chamber volume.  When it comes to Super Soakers, the CPS 1500 really does shine, it’s like having a flash and fast car, and since they cost so much, the 1500 is the next best thing.

Despite this, the 1500 still doesn’t have everything right.  While it feels great and has everything performance wise you could need, the whole structure/sturdiness is lacking a little, as it does feel more fragile.  The pump is not tracked so you need to be careful, it also lags a bit.  The reliability is not the best which makes it harder to find a good one now.  The main flaw I’ve had with one is that the trigger valve due to the amount of power has a chance of exploding/cracking, rendering it useless, even after a heavy repair, it still blew up after a while.  To sum up basically, among the 1500’s made, there are a fair few dud ones shall I say, so watch out.  It’s like searching for something buried deep somewhere and then whilst looking for it a snake jumps out and bites your hand, whatever it was you were searching for obviously wasn’t worth it as there was something wrong!  One other final thing is that like with pretty much every CPS soaker, despite a 3L reservoir, you can still run out quickly if you treat the trigger as more than just a friend.

Overall however, the CPS 1500 is a perfect soaker to buy for pretty much any purpose, providing you can find a good one.  Despite the fact it is not fully reliable, once you get a good one you won’t look back in anger and blow your head off.  If you have a bigger budget and want a soaker that has the features of the smaller CPS blasters like the 1000 plus a fair bit more without sacrificing mobility, then the 1500 is perfect, it is one of my favourite soakers I’ve been able to use in my time.

Using the CPS 1500

You can pretty much take on anything, even the larger CPS’s due to the power and mobility and high enough nozzle settings for any situation.

Against the CPS 1500

You’ll need a CPS soaker to be effective and also older XP’s if you are skilled enough to be a good match.  A large CPS like the 2500 while competitive is still hard again due to the 1500’s near perfect balance.

Ratings /100%
Power 95
Weight 90
Mobility 90
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 75
Efficiency 90
Overall 95%