CPS 1600


Thrilling no nonsense soaking mayhem!  The CPS 1600 has everything one needs to keep everyone on edge!  A simple and easy to use nozzle selector comprises of 3 different settings to soak anyone who approaches.  Use the 5x to conserve but still do a lot of damage, or for big range and soakage up the ante to the 10x nozzle.  Finally if you really want to just get straight to the point and are faced with a number of opponents then turn to the Saturator nozzle and instantly cover everything!  Combined with a large reservoir, firing chamber and pump volume, you will never be falling behind when you grab the CPS 1600 in your hands!

-3.5L Reservoir
-CPS (Constant Pressure System)
-35oz/990mL Pressure Chamber
-Pressure gauge
-3 way rotatable nozzle selector with 5x, 10x and Saturator nozzles
-Shoots up to 15m/50ft
-Tracked pump (2.5oz per stroke)
-Comes with strap
-Carry handle
-Backpack compatible