CPS 1700

Common 2000 version.

German version with different colours.


3L - 105.6oz
875mL - 30.8oz

Shot Time
12m - 39.06'
207mL - 7.3oz
13m - 42.9'
350mL - 14oz
Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
40mL - 1.408oz

There isn’t much to say about the CPS 1700 given the fact the CPS 1500 review takes most of the words right out of my mouth.  It is not entirely the same however.  The 1700 was the year 2000 replacement for the 1500, only with the grey body colour now blue and a black pump handle; they look exactly the same and have the same design.  Shame it was only around a year before being replaced by the crappy CPS 1-3-5.

However, this isn’t exactly a bad thing; it is actually good how the 1500 has a longer life now, great given how it is one of the best soakers ever.  There are a few differences for the better actually, many people believed nothing was different between the two, but I don’t agree after previously owning both and more than one of each.  The 1700 is actually built a bit stronger and more stable.  The pump feels smoother and has a release valve which you feel working which means there are no pressure problems that I can report.  The pump lag is not as bad either.  Everything just feels smoother and there is just a general feeling that it is more reliable, combined with the usual all round well balanced feel along with big power and soakage from the 5x and 10x nozzles, every opponent’s nightmare.

The problem is, while being more stable and reliable, some big areas have been toned down slightly, and yes, you guessed it, the power!  When fired, compared to the 1500 it doesn’t give off as much of a fierce stream that doesn’t go as far either.  Don’t get me wrong, it is still pretty devastating and it’s not like it’s been told to completely shut up, it is more like being interrupted at a party and been told ‘Could you just cool it down a tiny bit please?’  For the most part the party is still damn loud and crazy, just like the 1700 so it has not lost a massive amount of power; however it appears to be toned down a little.  Along with this the 10x nozzle is a bit less stream lined as well a lot being more broken up and spread out, as well as firing to the left a bit slightly, still does the job at least, it can still punch your enemies hard.  The firing chamber also holds slightly less as well believe it or not so shot times are reduced slightly.  The pump as well is still a weak point so watch out and don’t snap it, and then you’ll be screwed.  Then just like the 1500 and most CPS’s, you can run out of water very quickly if you press the trigger too much.

While it might have a bit less power and oomph, at least it is built better so it is more reliable than the 1500, and still retains that well balanced light feel with power and soakage giving an offensive and defensive package only more reliable now.  If you want a 1500 but are too wary of reliability, the 1700 is a safer bet and still a good choice, the recipe is essentially the same despite being a tad less powerful.  Although either one you get being the 1500 (one that works) or 1700 will be just as good.  The CPS 1700 comes highly recommended and is a great soaker.

Using the CPS 1700

Despite being toned down a little, you can still take on pretty much every blaster and provide a competitive challenge.

Against the CPS 1700

Again a good CPS soaker will be needed along with using your own talent.  Air pressure users watch out, use with bravery.


Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 90
Mobility 90
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 80
Efficiency 90
Overall 93%