CPS 1800


New for 2013!  Dual soaking two trigger mayhem!  The CPS 1800 is for those who want a simple to use no nonsense blaster with massive flexibility and usability.  Keep your opponents on edge with the 5x nozzle, take things up a notch with the 10x nozzle, or go full out flood and fire both nozzles at the same time!  The independent triggers for each nozzle will make it even harder for your opponents to predict what you are going to do.  Backed up with a large reservoir, firing chamber and pump volume, you are sure to always be in the game right at the top!  Mixing in some classic Larami air pressure design with more modern CPS edge, the CPS 1800 is ready for anything you fire at!

-4L Reservoir
-CPS (Constant Pressure System)
-Dual CPS Chambers at 22.5oz/650mL each, totalling 45oz/1.3L
-5x and 10x nozzles with independent triggers for each
-Shoots up to 15m/50ft
-Tracked pump (3oz per stroke)
-Comes with strap
-Carry handle
-Backpack compatible