CPS 1900


Get ready for a thrill with the CPS 1900!  You want ultimate mayhem?  You got it!  The CPS 1900 boasts huge soakage from two nozzles, each having their own separate CPS pressure chamber.  The top nozzle consists of a nozzle selector of 5x and 10x nozzles to totally soak the competition.  However if that is still not enough, then use the Monsoon nozzle at the bottom to unleash an entire chamber of water all over your opponent.  If this still isn’t enough, then use both nozzles at once which are selected via the switch on the front.  You can also use the switch to control if you want water pumped to both chambers for the nozzles, or just one which improves pumping time!  Combined with the usual stylish looks, tracked pump, carry handle, strap and the flexibility of increasing your water supply with backpacks, the CPS 1900 will have your opponents running for the hills!

-4L Capacity
-CPS (Constant Pressure System)
-25oz/710mL CPS chambers
-5x, 10x and Monsoon nozzles with control switch
-Shoots up to 50ft/15m
-Tracked pump
-Massive 2.5oz pump volume
-Pump either one pressure chamber or both
-Pressure Gauge
-Comes with strap
-Carry handle
-Compatible with Go Hi-Drate backpacks