CPS 2000

Top - Mk1, Bottom - Mk2

3L - 105.6oz
3.2L - 112.6oz
682mL - 24oz
540mL - 19oz

Shot Time
10.5m - 34.65'
16m - 52.8'
682mL - 24oz
9.5m - 31.35'
15m - 49.5'
599mL - 21.1oz
Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
28mL - 1oz
27mL - 0.95oz

The CPS 2000 pretty much started everything CPS.  At the time the sheer power was so crazy nothing could really rival it, not even today.  So crazy in fact rumour has it someone received a pretty bad eye injury at close range, ouch!  Because of this, it didn’t last very long on the market and made way for more toned down but still pretty powerful CPS’s.

Looks wise this thing is mean, and looks like a rocket launcher, and given the way it fired you could say it was.  It fired one huge beam rated at around 20-30x output up to around fifty feet if not more for around a second.  Whoever got hit by this would probably rather wet themselves.  The recoil as well, if you want power then look no further, definitely a site to see.  The design and build is also very good.  It has a tracked pump which is a big advantage so it is less likely to break down like one of those celebrities who are always in the news.  It also doesn’t take too long to pump to get to full pressure.  The idea of a pressure gauge to see how much water you have in the cylindrical firing chamber is also very handy and simple.  The reservoir volume is the standard 3L for a soaker this size, not too big yet not too small.  And for its size it is rather light and good to move around with, however compared to smaller soakers it is heavier, at least it is not as handicapped as the weight of the Monster series, not by a long shot.  The colours are also very good as well being grey, purple and some orange.

Things are not all good with the 2000 though, despite the fact you may think that a soaker that boasts all this power, output and range would be perfect, it ain’t.  Because of all this power and output, you’ll be pumping for most of your life with this soaker as it depletes its water like a Ford GT40 would in petrol, and that’s pretty quick.  It is not what you’d call the most practical, but then again, in just all on out soakfests which is what Super Soakers are about who cares.  Depending on what version you get there are some reliability issues, mainly if you get the original version with the longer pressure gauge, the rubber has a bigger chance of rupturing rendering the soaker useless if used wildly.  The later more toned down (but still damn powerful) model from experience can leak a little sometimes, not that it matters since your enemies are going to get numbed from its beam anyway.  The final problem is due to everything that it has and surrounds it, the price is sky high mostly now, it is equivalent of basically setting fire to your wallet to get one, or just, generally setting fire to something.

Overall, the CPS 2000 is insane as what a CPS soaker can get in terms of power and soakage.  If you really are into it and have a lot of money to spare, then buy one as while overrated the 2000 is a beast of a weapon that has power and cool looks to match.  And while yes, you’ll be pumping a lot and depleting your water supply very quickly, just think, hitting your opponent with a huge long range beam:  priceless.  The CPS 2000 to me is just one of those blasters that makes you happy and when using it, have a hugely fun time soaking everyone and putting a huge grin on your face in the process.  It just has that look and character, and just screams, ‘Let’s rock!’  A legend of a blaster.

Using the CPS 2000

You can take on most things with its sheer intimidation and one hit devastation range, power and soakage.  Watch out for smaller lighter soakers or even similar or bigger ones with flexible nozzles while you pump.

Against the CPS 2000

The CPS 2000 is far from unbeatable however.  If using a smaller blaster, a good user can stay out of range making the 2000 user waste their water.  When they run out go on the offensive.  Same with similar sized or larger blasters, just dodge, conserve and then soak!


Ratings /100%
Power 100
Weight 80
Mobility 75
Intimidation 95
Soakage 100
Durability 90
Efficiency 75
Overall 93%