CPS 2100


2.03L - 71.5oz
520mL - 18.3oz

Shot Time
7.5m - 24.75'
12.5m - 41.25'
148mL - 5.2oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
33mL - 1.162oz

Even though by 2002 the amount of great soakers being made had declined considerably, the CPS 2100 is one exception where a quality blaster was made and Hasbro actually got their head out their backsides (and then sadly put it back in again).  The 2100 replaces the 1200 and is the final instalment in the small compact CPS line up consisting of the 1000 and 1200 before it.

In terms of actual design and looks the 2100 makes a bit more of a notable attempt to breakaway from its counterparts, as it doesn’t really look much like anything that came before it, which is good, as it is a good original design.  The colours and looks are great and this is actually a solid no nonsense blaster, just like John Smith’s beer, what a combination!  One thing that is a great improvement and thing to see over the 1000 and 1200 is the addition of a tracked pump.  This and the whole construction of this thing feels very sturdy and rugged able to take a beating (not that you should try it unless you really are that stupid), even more of a beating than Frederick Tatum.  Pumping doesn’t take too long either, and as usual the power it gives off is great as usual.  One of the main standout things of the 2100 is the output which is more than its counterparts.  The whole feel of the 2100 as well is great so again just like its counterparts the main things that make a blaster like that so good are there.  The range is also nice, good enough to wake your opponents up and make them aware you taking no prisoners.

There are still places where the 2100 loses some credit.  Main one being it comes with no strap, which even though making one for it isn’t that hard, it is still annoying.  Good thing is that it is light, but still, having no strap is like organising a large insane party and then forgetting the finishing touches like the party bangers, ‘Oh crap someone quickly run to the shops and get some!’  Reservoir and firing chamber capacity are also less compared to its counterparts as well, and since output is larger you’ll need to watch out a bit more so that you don’t run out sooner than expected.

As a whole the CPS 2100 is still a highly recommendable blaster and is a worthy addition to the smaller CPS blaster line up over the years beside the 1000 and 1200.  It has slightly less power than the 1000 and is on par with the 1200, but makes this up in terms of its solid build mainly in the tracked pump, large output and still good range for its size.  It won’t mess your wallet up badly either.  Depending in what you look for in soakers like this, the 1000, 1200 and 2100 both have certain standout areas and also cons over each other; however the CPS 2100 is a wise choice if you decide upon purchasing one.

Using the CPS 2100

Most air pressure soakers as well as the new crap are easy to take down.  Similar blasters like the 1000 and 1200 are a good match and are beatable, as well as the underpowered Monster series too.  Be wary of larger CPS’s like the 1500 and larger, you’ll need to rely on yourself more then.  Skilled larger XP users are also a good match.

Against the CPS 2100

Air pressure users watch out unless you know what you are doing.  Mostly new crap soaker users stay away unless you want a challenge.  Similar sized CPS’s like the 1200 and old XP soakers will make a 2100 user think more.  Anything larger then a 2100 user will start to be more on edge.


Ratings /100%
Power 85
Weight 90
Mobility 95
Intimidation 80
Soakage 90
Durability 90
Efficiency 90
Overall 90%