CPS 2387


Time to go all futuristic and advanced with the CPS 2387!  A stylishly powerful but still very simple blaster, the CPS 2387 is ready for any mission you give it.  Instead of having a nozzle selector, it has 3 nozzle sizes, which increase in size the further back you pull the trigger, so no fiddling around, more time to give your opponents a mega soaking!  Pull the trigger back a little for a conserving but still effective 3.5x nozzle, or pull back further to up the pressure to 8.5x, or finally if that isn’t enough, pull it right back beyond that and unleash 11.5x the water and drown anything in sight!  With a large reservoir volume, pressure chamber and a large pump volume to back it up, the CPS 2387 is the blaster to have when the going gets rough and fast paced.

-3.75L Reservoir
-CPS (Constant Pressure System)
-40oz/1.15L Pressure Chamber
-Pressure Gauge
-3.5x, 8.5x and 11.5x nozzles
-Control the nozzles sizes with how far back you pull the trigger
-Shoots up to 15m/50ft
-Tracked pump (3oz per stroke)
-Comes with strap
-Carry handle
-Backpack compatible