CPS 2500


3L - 105.6oz
588mL - 20.7oz

Shot Time
9m - 29.7'
12.5m - 41.25'
196mL - 6.9oz
9.5m - 31.35'
14.5m - 47.85'
310mL - 10.9oz
9m - 29.7'
12m - 39.6'
588mL - 20.7oz
Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
30mL - 1.06oz

At the time Super Soaker said that the CPS 2000 was discontinued in order to make way for the 2500, and in a way that was true given a products life cycle over a few years.  Although given what happened with the 2000 there was some toning down in power to do.  Even so, the 2500 is still a great soaker improving over the 2000 in terms of practicality.  It is part of the legendary 98 line of CPS’s.

Boasting the 2000’s rifle like toy looks only with red instead of purple, a very ‘Highway To Hell’ style look actually, the 2500 can cause just as much mayhem as the 2000 can, only this time with more flexibility with three nozzle settings of 5x, 10x and the one shot kill 20x.  Like the 2000, it has pretty much the same features, like the CPS chamber acting as a pressure gauge, a tracked pump, around the same reservoir volume and a strap.  This makes the 2500 a more flexible soaker to use over the 2000, with the main difference being more nozzles to control your supply better.  It also takes around the same amount of time to pump as the 2000 which isn’t too long.  Ranges especially on the 5x and 10x nozzles are great, with 10x on some models I had getting close to the CPS 2000 range, only this time given there are some smaller nozzles, the stream will last longer.  The CPS 2500 can still charge and gate-crash a party, so you can be sure this thing will make most of your opponents go into hiding for a few days.

The problem is that while the nozzle selector improves on flexibility, because of the design, the 20x nozzle is not as good as the 2000’s.  Don’t get me wrong it can still make an opponent think they may as well not have worn any clothes; however it doesn’t shoot as far and is less focused with the stream being a bit more broken up.  Combine this with a small firing chamber capacity (it’s actually around the same as the 1000/1200/2100), then this nozzle along with the 5x and 10x don’t shoot for too long, so you’ll be doing quite a bit of pumping.  However that’s not the worst problem, I personally think the nozzle selector is poorly designed.  The problem is that it is not screwed in thoughtfully, I’ve found that when you need to open the blaster, the screw thread wears out to the point where it won’t screw in fully again without reinforcement.  There are some examples that also leak underneath when firing, this is due to either a poor or worn out o ring seal, or the orange spring pieces inside that force it out too much causing the leaking.  This again makes you need to open it, in which you get the first problem mentioned with the nozzle selector.  You may get more shots per tank, however given the rate this thing still erupts water out of all its nozzles you’ll run out quickly if you’re not careful.  It is also a bit long and poky, so if you are someone who wants something lighter and less bulky this isn’t it.

Providing you get one that works fine without nozzle issues then the CPS 2500 is still a great blaster that in terms of using it in battle improves upon the 2000 in flexibility while still being able to cause hard hitting soakage.  I don’t like the poor loose design of the nozzle selector, which in terms of reliability let it down.  I don’t really like the 2500 as much as others do, as to me it doesn’t really have anything that stands out about it, however it is a no nonsense blaster that will get the job done, provided you get one without those nozzle selector issues.  Personally I’d still rather have a 2700 or 2000 over a 2500 though.

Using the CPS 2500

Like the 2000 you can take on pretty much anything.  You still need to watch out while you pump since the pressure chamber volume is low.  Do however watch out for CPS 1500/1700 users as they are very similar only smaller with near the same power and fierce output, making a good match.

Against the CPS 2500

Despite being deadly, it is not unbeatable, although difficult.  Even with a smaller or similar sized soaker, you can take advantage of dodging its short deadly shots, leaving the user vulnerable while pumping, and then quite literally, do your worst!


Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 80
Mobility 70
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 70
Efficiency 90
Overall 80%