CPS 2700


4.14L - 145.7oz
760mL - 26.4oz

Shot Time

7.5m - 24.75'
11m - 36.3'
108mL - 3.8oz
8m - 26.4'
12m - 39.6'
205mL - 7.2oz
8.5m - 28.05'
13m - 42.9'
474mL - 16.7oz
Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
38mL - 1.337oz

When it comes to controversial, the CPS 2700 when it was released to replace the 2500 in 2000 takes the cake.  You either like it or you don’t.  It certainly was a big breakaway, very much like when Robbie Williams left Take That, and remember the reception that got.  The 2700 is basically a fatter 1500/1700 with a 2x nozzle added and no 20x.  However this may be no bad thing, as the CPS 1500/1700 is one of the best blasters Larami ever made back when they hosted the show.  Contrary to quite a lot of people, I think it is one of the best blasters ever made...on one condition, when you get one that works.

The looks on the 2700 are love or hate; I personally think it looks cool, like something from a sci-fi movie.  The colours also share the same divided opinion.  I have the early one with the red, yellow and purple detailing, which many find brash, again I don’t mind them.  Larami did however in 2001 give the 2700 a more neutral colour scheme in the form of silver, yellow and purple, which again looks good.  One thing the 2700 hasn’t lost is the power and sheer soakage; the 2700 I have now (which works fine yaya!) is the most powerful one I have had, it really is rather violent, and that’s good.    The 2x nozzle is soaking and conserving enough to mentally break down your opponent.  Not only that, the firing chamber capacity is more into the realms of the 1500/1700, and with a bigger reservoir, you’ll be going on even after everybody has gone in and has finished for the day.  Whoever gets hit by the 10x nozzle as well is sure to be in for a shock, it is bigger than you think.  It looks and feels more like 15x, in fact this model tested the output was around that.  The 5x as well is a very good medium effective nozzle which shoots far and does damage.  Given how much it holds the actual weight for its size is not that bad, so it won’t make you fall over yourself.  Having a strap is also a plus, as for this soaker you need it.

The CPS 2700 is a deadly soaker still despite breaking away in terms of pretty much everything compared to the 2500; however it has one big standout problem, durability.  Out of five 2700’s I went through, only two (one of which I happily own now) worked without issues, the other three had problems, which personally when it comes to working vs problems ratio isn’t where you’d want it to be.  The main problem is the trigger valve.  It’s so weak and on all the models I had that were bad the main problem involved the trigger valve.  Two of them when pumped up fully lost pressure and leaked, and the other bad one I once had trigger valve when fully pumped didn’t like the pressure, that actually firing the blaster was difficult, how useless is that?  Perfect opportunity to totally soak someone and you are let down because the trigger is being a bitch because the firing valve messes up the pressure.  That’s like what you see in those action films where something interrupts the plot to take the bad guys down and mayhem ensues.  The pump is not tracked either, and given the odd way you have to pump it due to the more unusual design there is more chance to break it.  Speaking of the pump, on one of my models it lagged so bad it was unpractical, and I’d got this new as well.  Also, the 20x nozzle is no longer there, however the 10x nozzle is thankfully still pretty hard hitting.  The nozzles are also hard to change since it has a big tulip like thing covering them.  In battle take it off, makes things way easier.

Still, the CPS 2700 is an excellent blaster providing you get one that works.  It is still a very devastating soaker that many underestimate; I think I have just been unlucky, however with the one I have now at least that I got new things have ended happily.  With that said, Larami could have made the CPS 2700 a bit better than it is.  If they had given it a tracked pump and had the 20x as a fourth nozzle, along with just a bit more work on the trigger valve, then it most likely would have got a better reception.  Even so, I still think it is one of the best blasters made, as like the 2500, it is a heavy blaster that can strike death in an instant.  If you like the 1500/1700 and want something larger, then this is right up your street.  Personally I prefer it over the 2500, provided it works obviously.

Using the CPS 2700

You can take on most blasters even the 2500 because of the larger reservoir and firing chamber combined with still very soaking nozzles.

Against the CPS 2700

Everyone beware, while a bit odd design wise it does pack a deadly punch.  Even CPS 3000/3200 users should be cautious.  Similar sized and also smaller CPS’s will do, take advantage of the user’s mobility and pumping times.  Most air pressure users should watch out.


Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 80
Mobility 75
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 65
Efficiency 90
Overall 90%