CPS 3000


If you want huge capacity backed with deadly power, range and output, then the CPS 3000 is right up your street.  Back in 98 when all things CPS were amazing, the 3000 was insane, and still is today, like a crazy teenager who refuses to change their ways of causing mayhem.  The only other backpack blaster before this was the classic Super Soaker (XP) 300.

Having a backpack capacity of around 2 gallons, which is enough to feed a camel and also last you if you ever get lost in the Desert.  Not forgetting lasting you most of a water fight.  The backpack connects to the blaster which is a similar size albeit slightly longer than a 1500/1700.  The blaster itself looks very cool and simple with pretty much the same colours as the 1000.  For the firing chamber the 3000 holds around the same as the 1500, only this time it is not so bad since you’ll get loads of shots from the huge reservoir volume.  Four nozzles consisting of 5x, 10x, the dreaded 20x and the not so useful Typhoon Blast unless you are surrounded by a cuddle of people.  Each nozzle though given the 3000’s power performs brilliantly, and offers the full range for any situation, conserving or dishing out huge payback.  Along with that the simple easy to use nozzle selector is great.  Good feel, a pressure just like on the 2000 and 2500 and a tracked make for one simple yet effective high capacity blaster.  The backpack despite holding a lot is at least soft which makes it more bearable and a trip to the doctors about back pain much less likely.  The usual strap on the blaster is another big plus.

A few things do weigh down the 3000 a little though like a fat man.  One being the fact that actual backpack hose to blaster connection isn’t designed the best.  When connecting to the blaster it is easily snapped off the tubing, meaning you have to repair it so be careful.  Even the tubing connected to the backpack can come out as well, which is an annoying pain in the arse in all.  I do have a repair of how to fix it.   Also, the 20x nozzle isn’t as good as what you’d get on a 2000.  Sometimes you’ll get a short range blast or a long range heavy beam, so it’s a bit temperamental.  The backpack is heavy and will weigh you down when full at first, making you look fat, so if you aren’t into heavy blasters and prefer lighter then this isn’t your blaster.  The backpack’s filling cap is also a bit awkward.  As usual with every CPS, even though you have a huge supply, it is so easy to use it up too quickly, a bit like me with my money really.

Still, the CPS 3000 for the heavier blaster user who wants to cause mayhem is ideal and hits pretty much every essential thing right.  It retains simplicity of being easy to use and providing conservation and heavy soakage options with great power and range.  If you want to be big, fat and intimidating and look like a fireman this is a great soaker for it.  They are however a lot of money, however if you find one for a good price buy it, since it is a worthy blaster to buy nowadays.

Using the CPS 3000

In terms of power, range and soakage with practicality you can take on pretty much anything.  However watch out for lighter blaster users as they can take advantage of your weight when full.  As you deplete water the 3000 becomes more deadly and into the groove.

Against the CPS 3000

All users whether using CPS or air pressure blasters take advantage of the 3000’s weight at the start and amount of time it takes to pump while you still can.


Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 70
Mobility 70
Intimidation 100
Soakage 95
Durability 80
Efficiency 90
Overall 90%