CPS 3200


The CPS 3200 is basically its 3000 predecessor only with a few alterations.  Main one which is most noticeable is the now hard rocketman superhero like plastic backpack, and the colour, from whichever way you look at it is cheesy, not that this is necessarily a bad thing, after all the 80’s for many things was a great decade wasn’t it?  Well I think it was at least.

The 3200 like the 3000 in terms of actual blaster design is identical, which is great, only with funky colours, being a yellow body with some transparent purple, along with black for the pump and blaster connection piece and the usual orange for the nozzles and trigger.  Many people hate the colour but since I’m not picky on this subject I think it looks cool.  The power, soakage and range are pretty much the same as its counterpart, along with the way it just works, which is very good.  The main difference is the backpack connection is way better and can actually be filled from a Super Soaker Quick Fill Device (QFD).  Not only that, because it just slots and then screws into the blaster with a more solidly built connection, it won’t snap and break.  Same with the backpack connection, as it is basically a threaded 3/4” fitting that you screw in, so it is secure and won’t fall out.  That means compared to a person its kneecaps won’t fall off anymore.  You can even connect it to the hose and be invincible, but that’s cheating!  The usual ruggedness of the tracked pump and everything is still there, and the plastic 2 gallon backpack solves the worries people may had about the soft 3000 backpack ripping and being unstable.  The 3200’s firing chamber is very slightly bigger; however it is not big enough to really see a noticeable difference.

While having the durability issues fixed, another problem has crept into the 3200’s pants, and that the backpack.  Sure, it might be more durable; however, being plastic, it is REALLY uncomfortable, especially given how much water it can store.  Sure, you can fill it less, however you still have a hard piece of plastic straining your back.  I suggest you put the backpack in a soft backpack when using it, or just replace it with a softer one for a light user, it’s much better than laying in a bed made of bricks, unless you like that sort of thing.  The 20x nozzle is also a bit temperamental like the 3000.  It also takes a while to pump because of the large firing chamber just like on the 3000.  Even with a large reservoir supply you still need to be cautious of not using your water up too quick, as one of the advantages the 3200 has like the 3000 is that you can stay out days longer than anyone else.  Filling the backpack is also not very comfortable, unless you have it on your back and fill it with the hose using the QFD, but even then when full you’ll get water down your back and look like a rocketman type superhero trying to take off since water will spurt out the two reservoir caps to let you know.  Reminds me of that Blastoise Pokémon who blasts water out of its cannon like tubes on both sides of its shell, so you if like Pokémon you can be one.

Even so the CPS 3200 is a great blaster still like the 3000; it gives you more of a chance of getting an all powerful backpacked heavy CPS blaster.  While they aren’t the cheapest now, if you are a heavy blaster user, then this is a worthy soaker to get.  Only this time you’ll look like a crazy rocketman superhero of some sort.

Using the CPS 3200

Like the 3000 pretty much anything can be taken on.  Again just watch out when you are full with water as that’s when other blaster users big or small can take advantage.

Against the CPS 3200

Again every user whether using CPS or air pressure soakers like XP’s take full advantage of the 3200’s weight, pumping and lack of mobility while you still can before it finally comes around.


Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 70
Mobility 70
Intimidation 100
Soakage 95
Durability 90
Efficiency 90
Overall 90%