CPS 4100


2.4L - 84.5oz
631mL - 22.2oz

Shot Time

7.5m - 24.75'
10m - 33'
105mL - 3.7oz
7.5m - 24.75'
11m - 36.3'
159mL - 5.6oz
8.5m - 28.05'
11.5m - 37.95'
287mL - 10.1oz
6m - 19.8'
8.5m - 28.05'
162mL - 5.7oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
50mL - 1.76oz

Even though the CPS 2100 showed there was some good left in 2002, the CPS 4100 did just the opposite, and pretty much showed that those glory days of old were becoming a thing of the past.  It is basically just a Monster (2001) recoloured and repackaged with its quick fill feature stolen.  Hasbro really had lost the will to live when it came to making new great Super Soaker’s, the band everyone once liked had split and in terms of something new is on a hiatus (for now at least anyway).  The 4100 goes down as nothing really special, however it’s not terrible.

The 4100 at least ticks every important box right given it is basically a Monster (2001), one being the overall simplicity which most CPS blasters had.  A tracked pump, 4 nozzles ranging from 2.5x, 4x, 8.5x and Typhoon Blast, a similar combination in terms of size to the 3000/3200, only in a smaller package, nice reservoir capacity and nice power, range and soakage in a medium sized blaster.  The firing chamber also acts as a pressure gauge which is useful, and it doesn’t take massively long to pump up the firing chamber either.  Colour scheme is not bad either.  To me like the Monster (2001) it feels very good to hold and use, and is very practical.  Another good thing is that it is one of the longest running old great CPS line blasters, being produced from 2002 (2001 if you count the Monster in) and all the way until the end of 2005 season, at least there was one good enough old dependable CPS blaster that simply was not got rid of after a year or two.  That’s where the positives pretty much end though, just like how 2002 did and made way for Hasbro to come in make crap from 2003 and onwards.

Now, here’s where the problems that the 4100 is hiding come in, in which to me it becomes nothing special.  Main problem being that well, there’s nothing massively wrong with the blaster as described in the Monster (2001) review, it’s just that well, we’ve seen this all before, the 4100 is nothing new in terms of design or anything.  They should have just continued making the Monster (2001) so they could have made something different when it came to a bigger CPS blaster for 2002 alongside the 2100.  Finally, durability is not so great either.  Unlike the Monster (2001), since there are so many different versions, with only the original released in 2002 not having problems, finding one that won’t break is difficult.  Durability problems include weak triggers snapping and also the actual valve wearing out quickly from new causing the blaster to shoot water when pumping; these problems can be fixed or prevented with not too much trouble though.

Thanks to all this, if you can try to obtain the Monster (2001), not too easy now but still, then it would be a much better and safer idea than a CPS 4100.  It’s just a Monster (2001) basically with less reliability and its characteristic quick fill nozzle taken away in a different colour.  In a nutshell I think it is basically a Monster (2001) with that flare taken away, a bit like removing Data’s emotion chip.  It’s not as bad as the 1-3-5 though; the 4100 is useable at least and much better than everything out now, so if you don’t mind not having a quick fill feature get it if you can.  However there are many better older blasters out there.

Using the CPS 4100

A 4100 can still be a threat and cause devastation in any situation.  Similar sized and smaller CPS’s blasters make a good match, anything bigger you can still take, you can start acting like the hero from an action movie like John McLane in Die Hard as the 4100 can still take em’ down, although you’re gonna have to rely more on wit to make up for it.

Against the CPS 4100

The 4100 is a pretty devastating blaster like most CPS’s which should still be approached with caution; however it does have its weak spots.  Take advantage of the slightly lower firing chamber volume; however don’t stall since it doesn’t take long to re-pump.


Ratings /100%
Power 80
Weight 85
Mobility 85
Intimidation 80
Soakage 85
Durability 70
Efficiency 90
Overall 75%