CPS Chamber Swap

Tools/Items used

-CPS 2500 Pressure Chamber & Casing
-Flathead and Philips head screwdrivers
-Dremel with filing or saw piece
-Sand paper
-Some silicone grease

Right, its integration time!  More importantly, it is time to fit a turbo booster onto the Hydro Cannon in the form of the CPS 2500 pressure chamber and casing.  First, the original tiny firing chamber and also the reservoir of the Hydro Cannon need to be removed to make way for the beast of a chamber.


The reservoir simply pops off from the o ring connection from the intake tube.  I did not throw the reservoir away, as I needed it for later on.


The firing chamber is also easy to get off.  Just unscrew the two screws at the end and the four screws on the clamping piece at the front and it was then just a matter of gently pulling it out from the barb.  The screws and the clamping pieces from it needed to be used for later.


A comparison between the Hydro Cannon stock firing chamber and the 2500’s, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.


In order to get the 2500 chamber and casing in, one of the things I had to do was chop off the plastic piece that the back of the original chamber casing rested on, splitting it from the reservoir.


I used a small pointier filing piece with the dremel to gradually cut through to the point where it was it was off.  A small circular saw like attachment would have been a lot better and easier, however I didn’t have one of these at the time, so had to make do and improvise.  When chopped off it looked like this, it is rather messy, but it got the job done and the chamber can now get past.  I did do a bit filing and sanding off afterwards.


Before the chamber goes in, the plastic ring around the end needs to come off in order for it to fit better around the internal and trigger reshaping which comes after.  This was a bit of a pain; I gently bit by bit went round prying it with a flathead screwdriver until it eventually ripped off around the outside.


Then it was time to fit the chamber in, the Hydro Cannon chamber clamps and screws were needed, I did try it with the ones that came with the 2500, however they just did not fit and they ended up braking, that’s one of the disadvantages of being in the dark for something like this.  Thankfully the Hydro Cannon’s original ones did, so it all went on fine.  In order to slide the rubber over the plastic barb better, I put a little bit of silicone grease on the inside of the rubber bladder opening, not too much though.  Went on a lot easier, then it was just a matter of fitting the clamps and screws on, job done.


And that’s how we do that, now it is time to move to the next section of making the chamber fit in with the rest of the blasters internals.