DNA Swapping

Tools/items used

-Normal and flathead screwdrivers
-CPS 2500 parts

With the faulty CPS 2500 now gutted for parts, it is now time to transfer some of that more newer and fresh DNA into the slightly aging CPS 2000 Mk2, whilst still retaining a balance of both characteristics into the same blaster body.  It’s starting to turn into Alien: Resurrection slightly, only with Super Soakers.

2000 Chamber Removal

First, the fresh 2500 pressure chamber and casing is a core part needed here.


And it is replacing the older (but still good) one in the 2000 (now will be a spare), with the casing now faded to a less than attractive transparent yellow.


Next job is to open up the 2000, so the standard Philips head screwdriver is needed.  Not the prettiest 2000 I’ve seen, however it could be a lot worse.


Now we need to go straight to the plastic clamp at the start of the chamber.


This is held by four screws, which need to be unscrewed, and then with a flathead screwdriver, gently and patiently start to pry away at it.


In which after a while, it will eventually give, it is actually very lightly glued.


Doing the same prying/rocking process with the other end, with that off, the chamber itself can be removed by gently pulling the rubber at an angle.


And it quite easily comes off.


Internal Pump Tubing Replacement

You’ll be wondering why I have stopped there with the pressure chamber.  Basically, I could have fitted the new one on straight away, however it would make doing the other things on it more fiddly as it would get in the way, so we will be coming back to that later.

Now though, the next most wanted issue that could do with its ass tuned up, the internal pump tubing, as you may have seen earlier in the picture, the tubing was so dirty that you cannot see anywhere that is clearly transparent anymore, it’s like somebody having a shit and never wiping the mess every time for 15 years running.  I’d like to meet the person who was bad enough to do that, actually scratch that on second thoughts no I wouldn’t.

Thankfully, being that this faulty 2500 was new and that the 2000 and 2500 have pretty much the same internals, we can use the new clear tubing which is the same length from that one and give this 2000 another fresh lease of healthiness.  First up, the tubing needs to come off (it is easy to do).  You will notice each end is sealed down with a screw on threaded plastic piece.  I used some pliers in which they unscrew off pretty easy.



After doing that on both sides, while at first I used a smaller flathead screwdriver to get the tubing off, you can do it without by just pull it at an angle, in which it comes off nice.



And now out with the old shitty looking one, and in with a fresh new one.


Fitting the new one is easy, you don’t even need glue to seal the tubing in, just slot it over so it is in the same position as before, and then just screw those two threaded pieces on to seal them in.


Now it is all complete, just getting the tubing in the right position as it was before, which leaning on those three little ledge parts that stick out.


The Trigger

Pretty self-explanatory, I also took advantage and put the fresher trigger from the 2500 on as well, given they are the same.



Back To The Chamber

Now that all the rest of what I wanted to get out of the way first is done, now the new chamber can be fitted.


Fitting this on is pretty much the same process as getting the original off in the first place, only reversed.  Making sure the rubber bladder start bit was over far enough that the two clamping pieces can secure on evenly.  This is just a case of putting the four screws back, in which the new chamber is now on.


Finishing Off

I’m nearly done; however I still have a bit left to do.  I wanted the red of the CPS 2500 on; it will look nice with the 2000’s more metallic darker grey body colour.
First off, since they are the same with only the colours being different, I put the reservoir from the 2500 on.


Finally, I replaced the purple cosmetic spaceship like ridged pipe pieces that lead up to the front of the gun with the red ones from the 2500.  Again they are the same just a different colour.  Man I love interchangeability!  It was a simple unscrew the old ones off and screw in the new ones.



All that is left to do now is put everything back together and start letting it rip with its new makeover!