Drilling The Rear

Tools/items needed:

-Drill w/bits

This is a very simple part; all we are doing is drilling a hole into the rear piece that slots over the back of the blaster, as seen here.


The piece in the middle is where we want to drill, it easily slots out like so.


I then put it in the vice, held it while I got another person to drill into the middle.  I cannot quite remember the size of the drill piece used; I think it was around 1/2” maybe a little less.


After filing and sanding off the burring, another type of drill piece was used.  A pointed filing type drill piece was used to again remove the burring and sticking out pieces.


Then all that is left is to fit the tubing through, and hey presto, all sorted!  Way more convenient now!


All that is left now on this part is the fit the adaptor on the end to connect it to the backpack, which is dead easy and takes less time to do than making a toasted tuna sandwich.