Extending The Trigger Pull

For this you will need:

-Saw, craft knife, sandpaper
This is the last part that needed to be done to fix the blaster. The final boss if you will.

After testing yet again, it now turned out that the pressure when almost full could not be handled by the gun. Pulling the trigger back as far as it could stock just did not let off any water. This meant time to open up again and diagnose the problem. I also had to unclick the gun off as fast as I could so the backpack could relieve all the pressure. It was an awesome blast though, you could use the backpack itself as some sort of secret weapon with some adjustments!

Anyway, upon opening, it turned out that I need to extend the trigger pull, as after pulling the trigger all the way back, I pulled on the actual rod and found that it goes a little further, which the trigger stock cannot do. This is slightly similar to the Monster 2001 Trigger Pull repair I did.

In order to do this, parts of the plastic shell around the trigger need to be cut off. Here is a picture of where and how much of it needs to be cut.


You need to do this on both sides of the gun casing. With a bit of sawing, and then mostly using the craft knife (be very careful), the part nearer the top was trimmed/cut. It was then smoothed down with the sandpaper.


Using the same method and tools, the same was done for the part below.


With that side done, I then moved on to the other side and did the same, thankfully, it is a little easier on this side.


Now it just needs to be put back together, in which you will see that the trigger can now be pulled back to the point where the valve can open fully.


There we go, finally all finished, it is all complete.