First Look & Impressions

Today I received a Super Shooter CPS 2000 that I purchased from eBay a few days ago.  I got it out of curiosity, as you may well know, the Super Shooter CPS 2000 is a fake CPS 1000, but apparently a very good one that performs just like a 1000 and uses CPS technology.  There is not much online though when it comes to pictures or anything about it, I am going to write a little guide on it and my initial thoughts after some time with it.

While I do not own an original CPS anymore, after owning a few in the past I can remember it enough to know any differences or similarities.

The Super Shooter CPS 2000 in all its glory.

Now time go through it part by part on the outside, drawing similarities and differences.


Unlike an original 1000, at least all the 1000’s I have had anyway, the pump on the Super Shooter is black and not the usual white we are used to seeing.  It is on my model anyway, perhaps it may vary, however I can only point things out with this model I have.


Also, rather strangely, the pump rod is greased whereas on every real CPS series blasters it is not.  This while you might think is no big setback, does have an annoying part, which you’ll see later down the page if you keep reading.


Nozzle & Pump Covering

Now this is where the blaster is rather nice in terms of ease of taking apart.  On an original 1000, depending on what version you got, some of them were a real pain in the ass to take apart, as they had glued nozzle covers and pop off pump covers that took more work to get off nicely.

The Super Shooter CPS 2000 has none of that.  The nozzle cover just pops off clean and easy with slight force from your hands, and the pump cover just unscrews off.  So all that is left afterwards is simply unscrewing all the screws as usual, nice!


The Strap

Again, the Super Shooter CPS 2000’s strap is actually better than that of an original 1000.  Unlike those, this one is not fixed where each strap end meets the plastic clip, so you can rotate them around.  This might not sound like much, however it means the strap will not get tangled up as you can just rotate it until comfortable instead of taking the whole strap clip off.


External Pressure Chamber Casing

Like an original 1000, there is a tiny hole in the middle of it, presumably to allow air to escape while the spherical CPS chamber expands from pumping.


The Reservoir & Cap

The reservoir is pretty much the same as a normal 1000.  It wobbles about more compared to a real 1000 which feels more stable and slightly thicker.  However this does not affect the workings of the blaster.  One other minor detail that has been mentioned before about the reservoir, is that the ridges in the grey plastic that surrounds it on both sides are angled in and not straight like on a real 1000, this is only a cosmetic difference though.

Just like a normal 1000, the reservoir cap is tethered and screws in just the same, along with looking the same.  On a normal 1000 the reservoir had a rubber o ring at the end of it, the fake does not as you can see.  Doesn’t leak though which is the main thing.



Yep, nothing massive to write here, exactly the same size as a regular 1000.


Initial Performance Testing

After filling up, the pumping feels the same as a 1000, solid but also prone to breaking if not careful.  Now this is where the grease on the pump is rather annoying.  What it is there for is to most likely stop friction build up around the pump cap, which can happen on the non-tracked pump blasters like the CPS 1000 after a while, however it is easily solved with a bit sanding/smoothening.  While the grease may stop this, it has an even worse effect as after a while of testing, the grease started to build up to a messy gunk around the cap and even at the end in the pump handle.


I wiped off most of it with a tissue, however will need to do it again when I disassemble it to get it fully off.  If you get a Super Shooter CPS 2000 and yours is the same I suggest to do the same.  It is much easier and less messy to sand and smoothen off every once in a while than this.


It takes around the same number of pumps.  Now upon firing, yes, while it is CPS, unlike an original 1000, or any blaster in the CPS series, the stream and range does drop off slightly.  Not like an air pressure blaster nowhere near that, it is more like the drop off you get from an SC Power Pak or something.  It still remains pretty constant and hard hitting, but it does not hold that violent eruption throughout all the shot like an original 1000 can.

So this says quite a big point, while the Super Shooter CPS 2000 does have CPS and has nice hard hitting power, it is not exactly identical to a Super Soaker CPS 1000 performance wise.  So if you have the opportunity to get a real CPS 1000 that is in nice condition for a nice price, then I’d get one of those still as it does have more oomph.  With that said though, if you don’t have that opportunity then the Super Shooter is by no means poor, as it can still dish out power.  It can walk all over the crap in this day and age and also put up a good fight with a lot of older blasters.  Mine is holding up well with no leaks or anything.  I will be getting statistics, videos and shot images soon when the weather is good in which I will add to the Super Shooter page.

Once I have got all that stuff, I will then get on to doing a bit of power modding.