Fitting The New Tubing

Tools/items needed:

-28cm of 3/8 inch clear PVC flexible hose tubing
-Hot water
-Flathead screwdriver
-Electrical tape
-Silicone rubber

With the reservoir mods finished which now make it act as a frame for the tubing to go through, it is now time to fit the new tubing itself on.  While having a bit of water still in the reservoir had its advantages, it made things awkward with how the tubing came out of the side, instead the tubing will go straight to the backpack and out of the rear of the blaster, getting rid of the awkwardness.

The first thing that needed doing was to separate the original smaller tubing from the intake sucking piece that is now defunct since I have sawed off the part it connects to.  Using a small flat head screwdriver and some patience I got it off.


Next, time to get the tubing.  I needed it so that it wasn’t too big to the point where I would need a gazillion wraps of electrical tape for it to fit over what would be left of the original tubing, but also not too small to the point that it would be hard to fit an adaptor to connect to the backpack at the other end.  After finding that 3/4 inch tubing was too big, I got some smaller 3/8 inch tubing that was just right.


As you can see, it is a nice fit over the original tubing while being a nice big enough size.


Now look at the original tubing, we want to be cutting most of it off to make way for the new one to fit over nicely.  I have marked out where it will be cut.


With the scissors I made as clean a cut as I possibly could, it ended up like this.


Now it is time to get the new tubing in which I measured out to get a rough idea of how long I needed it.


With the scissors, I cut it to be about 28cm long, just enough to stick out of the back when finished.


With what is left of the original tubing still on the blaster, it is time to wrap electrical tape around it to the point where the tubing has a nice tight fit over it.


Before putting the tubing over, I put it in a bowl of hot water so it could flex better when being fitted, as it is going to be shaped into a chicane like route heading out of the blaster.


Cold water was then put on the tubing where it goes over the electrical tape to make a hard tight seal.

I then finally put some silicone rubber (yes stinky sticky messy is back again!), over where the new tubing where it meets the end, just to make sure it seals and no water will leak.


Yay!  We have the tubing on, now however I then learnt that I have got some more trimming to do in order to accommodate the new tubing to fit into the body properly when closed.  So that is next.