Internal Trimming

Tools/Items used

-Dremel with filing piece
-Sand paper
-Philips head screwdriver

Right, now that the 2500 chamber is in, it is now time to focus on getting the internals to fit.  I’ll start with the more basic areas first in this part.

The first thing I did was cut off the area of the internals that was screwed into the body towards the back as seen here.


It was an easy cut with the saw, with a bit of filing after that along with some sandpaper to smooth it.


Next, there is a part on the end of the pump housing tube that sticks out; I think you can guess, I’ll be sawing that off next.


The usual filing and sanding I did after the piece has been cut off.


Finally for this section, there is a raised piece of plastic on the inside body of the blaster (it is on the right side half of it) where the main parts of the internals rest on.


I got the dremel out with the filing piece and yes it was another one of those messy hacking/trimming jobs again, oh joy.


I did the usual after filing and sanding to take the sharp bits away, again, it is messy and awkward, but it got the job done.

That is this section finished, as you can see in the following picture it allows the internals to rest in more and fit against the chamber when the blaster is closed.


Now the next section is where things get a bit picky, as we are now moving on to the trigger.