Loose Trigger Valve Repair

For this you will need:

-Thick superglue

Now here is where things get a bit more fiddly. After fixing the backpack to gun connection thinking that it was the only problem, turned out more was wrong. I now found that when filling, water dribbled out of the nozzle, not fully blasting out, but dribbling to the point where it was noticable. The 10x seemed pretty blocked as well.

After unscrewing the nozzle off and opening the gun, I found the problem, which I shall now explain with the pictures.



Now, the first job was to get the green peice back over the end of the trigger valve piece. You'll need two people for this. Put a screwdriver through the middle of the hole to act as a guide, and then with a bit of patience, use two flathead screwdrivers at both sides to balance it out, and it should click into place like so. You may need to give it a few tries as it is a bit fiddly.


Next, this piece needs to be sealed on to stop it from flying off again. We will need some thick superglue.


Now carefully, put the glue over the now clicked on green circle piece to seal it on, being careful not to let it run over.


Then, let it set with the gun facing UPWARDS in a vice, so the glue doesn't go all over on the inside.