Mega Cannon


Get ready for some mega soakage with the Super Soaker Mega Cannon.  Picking up from where our Hydro Cannon left off, the Mega Cannon is bigger, badder, better and comes in loaded ready to unleash big soaking blasts of mayhem like something off a sci-fi action movie!  Take no prisoners by soaking them with the 10x nozzle, or if they still don’t get it, show them whose boss by rotating to the Hydro Beam nozzle, which fires a blast that has the properties of a stream, but is also spread out a little bit more like but not fully the same as a blast, soaking your opponent hugely!  Holds 4L of water which can be increased with the Go Hi-Drate range of backpacks!  Want to be a mega movie star this summer?  Then what are you waiting for, the Super Soaker Mega Cannon is just the ticket!

-4L Capacity
-CPS (Contstant Pressure System)
-30oz CPS chamber capacity
-2 powerful nozzles of 10x and Hydro Beam
-Shoots up to 50ft/15m
-Tracked pump
-Easy rotating nozzle selector
-Comes with strap
-Carry handle
-Compatible with Go Hi-Drate backpacks