3.31L - 116.5oz
650mL - 22.9oz

Shot Time

224mL - 7.9oz
310mL - 10.9oz
340mL - 12oz
435mL - 15.3oz
435mL - 15.3oz
384mL - 13.5oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
36mL - 1.27oz

There’s shed loads of confusion about which Monster is the real original Monster, it’s like an action movie, or which slim shady is the real slim shady.  Anyway, the Monster is basically the original Monster X released in 2000 (before it was renamed to the Monster X in 2001).  This is one beast of a blaster, with power and looks to match it, so much so that it’s like the bad boy of Super Soakers, that many cannot resist its temptation of just looking down right insane and cool at the same time whilst up to no good.

The Monster has a lot of good things going for it.  The sheer size and length make for a very intimidating blaster, along with nice colours.  Combine this with six nozzle settings from 5x, 8.5x, 11.5x, Typhoon Blast, Power Burst and Aquastorm then your opponent’s mind will already be spinning round in circles.  The power, output and range of the stream nozzles are very good and erupt out with hard hittin’ force.  The other sort of gardening type nozzles are also just as effective if not more devastating more so at lower range due to the massive spread they give.  Aquastorm and Power Burst can drown somebody in seconds.  Solid build with a simple tracked pump that pumps easy and fairly quickly too mean that it won’t break easily at all.  Like with many other CPS’s there is a pressure gauge which is just the pressure chamber in the transparent plastic part.  Another very useful thing is the quick fill port, which enables you to fill the entire blaster firing chamber and reservoir from the hose via the Quick Fill Device (QFD), so if you are really lazy just do that, or if you just want to stop people getting past, then the Monster comes in handy.  The whole blaster because of the larger reservoir can stay out longer on the field, although being CPS it can still use up all the water quickly.

There are some drawbacks.  It is a rather heavier style blaster, so if you are a smaller person be careful before spending a fair amount on one, you don’t want to be seen walking like a crab and falling over yourself.  This thing is pretty long, it’s a bit longer than a 2500 and also heavier, so while it is more practical than the XL, you’ll need to still get used to the fact that this is not the skinny fit style person when it comes to soakers.  Changing nozzles given the length is a bit of an annoyance; at least it doesn’t have an annoying tulip piece over them like the CPS 2700 has though.  The reservoir is rather large, with the cap being placed angled and not straight up making filling combined with the sheer length more awkward, a bit like trying to play a guitar with the neck/fret board facing down, a very shit way of playing.  The long size with the heavier weight of a single piece soaker will weigh you down more, so while you can be fairly mobile, you aren’t going to be as mobile as what you would be with a smaller CPS.  The smaller firing chamber also does not help as the high output means the shot time is not that long, however you get more shots per tank, and thankfully pumping doesn’t take long anyway., and hey, you can soak whoever you fire it at way more quickly!

As a whole though, one of my favourite blasters, many think the Monster is overrated, however that’s probably because they have used the renamed Monster X model which is compared to the original being reviewed here inferior, as the performance is sadly cut back on.  This blaster is the original and the one you want out of the two.  It has the looks and the better performance which makes it soak an opponent very fast.  Not many people know this, so if you see one, and the sticker just says Monster on it, then I’d get it, as it is the original better one, the real slim shady.

Using the Monster X

Use the Monster’s intimidating looks and high stream power/range to your advantage; with a vast amount of soaking nozzles the whole field can be soaked quickly.  However watch out for smaller or similar blasters ganging up on you.

Against the Monster X

It might be a heavier type of cannon, but don’t just think you can charge in.  In the hands of a user who can use it well it is still pretty deadly.  This thing will soak in an instant still.  Stay out of range then go in or gang up on the user, taking advantage of the larger size.

Ratings /100%
Power 85
Weight 70
Mobility 70
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 100
Efficiency 80
Overall 85%