Monster (2001)


2.33L - 82oz
600mL - 21.12oz

Shot Time

7.5m - 24.75'
12.5m - 41.25'
108mL - 3.8oz
7.5m - 24.75'
12.5m - 41.25'
151mL - 5.3oz
8m - 26.4'
13m - 42.9'
301mL - 10.6oz
6m - 19.8'
8.5m - 28.05'
153mL - 5.4oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
37mL - 1.302oz

Before 2001, the Monster line consisted of two very large blasters; there was the Monster which was the more practical option and the XL, which wasn’t at all.  2001 saw the Monster being renamed to the Monster X, to make way for this smaller even more practical Monster.  It may be the smallest Monster, but wow, it is still a Monster, and the best Monster of the whole line.  Somebody really did quite literally shape up here and man it worked!  With the CPS 1700 being replaced by the pile of crap 1-3-5 it is a good job this came along too!  It’s like in a film when you think the protagonist is gonna die and then gets saved at the last minute.

The Monster (2001) has so many great things about all round.  First off the design and colours look fantastic, I’d say one of the best designs made and the colours just fit in so well giving it that Monster look, holding it and looking in the mirror you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, combine that with playing AC/DC’s song Big Gun and some sunglasses then you’re set to be stylistic and also soak your opponents hard with water.  The pump is tracked, always a plus, it feels sort of shotgun like, in fact the whole feel of the blaster to me is great.  The nozzle choices are simple and effective and cover every need.  There is 2.5x for that conserving yet still really irritating soak on your opponents, 4x for all out balance of soaking but also not running out quickly, the terrifying long range hard hitting 8.5x which is basically for those impatient people who just want to prove their point straight away, and finally there is Typhoon Blast, which is the least useful, unless you are facing a bunch of people stapled to each other in a group.  Pumping is also rather quick and easy, it really doesn’t take long at all.  There is also a pressure gauge which like every other CPS blaster that uses one is basically the firing chamber that you can see through the yellow transparent housing on the body of the blaster.  Filling the blaster is very easy too with its cool looking reservoir and cap position, the whole thing just flows.  Speaking of filling, one of the Monster (2001)’s party pieces like with all the Monsters is it’s quick fill port to allow you to hook it up to a Monster Quick Fill Device (QFD) if one is about, filling both the firing chamber and reservoir completely and compared to its bigger brothers in much less time.  This truly is a sleek and effective package.

Nothing is perfect, and even things that are perfect have a fault somewhere or others.  While there’s nothing massively bad about the Monster (2001) at all, there are some fiddly bits in there.  The pump might be tracked, however you need to be careful of the plastic around it as parts of the guide are rather thin and flimsy and can bend like guitar strings if you are idiotic enough to try bending to the limit.  The reservoir volume is not bad but it is nothing special either, could do with a bit more, however the amount of full shots you get combined with its firing chamber thankfully balances out well.  The trigger might also be a little hard to pull when fully pumped, this is because some internal plastic can get in the way so much that on some models (mine included), it can’t pull back far enough to open the firing valve fully instantly, in which you get some trigger lag.  Thankfully, it is a pretty easy fix, and just makes things so smooth.  Thanks to its pressure gauge you could just pump a tad less, although I heavily recommend if you’re Monster (2001) has this problem, you do this simple fix.  One final little gripe is that it would have been nice if the Typhoon Blast nozzle was an Aquastorm or Power Burst setting like on the bigger Monster’s, however thankfully the stream nozzle’s make up for it given they give you everything you need in terms of flexibility.

All in all, the Monster (2001) is a fantastic blaster, not the most powerful but a great mid all-rounder.   If you want a dependable, powerful, mobile and sleek looking soaking blaster then the Monster (2001) is a good choice.  Not only is it the best blaster of 2001, it is also the best of the entire Monster line and goes down as a respectable contender for one of the best Super Soaker’s ever made when it comes to flexibility.  Get round the possible trigger issue you may get which even if you do is easily fixable, and you have yourself a very respectable and capable blaster that with the usual good care will when fighting outblast many, and in terms of durability will outlast lots of things, being a Monster it might even outlast you!

Using the Monster (2001)

Because of the great all roundness you can take on pretty much anything.  Backpack Super Chargers and higher end CPS’s are a threat but the Monster (2001) has enough to keep up with a bit of thought. 

Against the Monster (2001)

Watch out, to be competitive against it use only higher XP’s and CPS blasters, as well as the backpack Super Charger’s.  A CPS 1500/1700 would be a good match against a Monster (2001).  Being quick is a good advantage.

Ratings /100%
Power 90
Weight 85
Mobility 85
Intimidation 90
Soakage 90
Durability 90
Efficiency 90
Overall 90%