Monster XL


Stats (2000-10)
3.64L - 128.1oz
1.24L - 43.6oz

Shot Time

7m - 23.1'
11m - 36.3'
142mL - 5oz
6m - 19.8'
9.5m - 31.35'
252mL - 8.9oz
7m - 23.1'
10m - 33'
327mL - 11.5oz
5x (2)
7m - 23.1'
11m - 36.3'
290mL - 10.2oz
PowerBurst (2)
6m - 19.8'
8.5m - 28.05'
591mL - 20.8oz
8.5x (2)
7m - 23.1'
10.5m - 34.65'
460mL - 16.2oz
6m - 19.8'
9m - 29.7'
375mL - 13.2oz
11.5x (2)
6m - 19.8'
9.5m - 31.35'
563mL - 19.8oz
Typhoon (2)
5m - 16.5'
7.5m - 24.75'
619mL - 21.8oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank
35mL - 1.232oz

The Monster XL, released in 2000, is the largest non backpack blaster made to date.  This thing is literally massive, not only the biggest water blaster in the Monster line, but also in the world, it even charted in the Guinness Book Of World Records!  Problem is though, while huge and intimidating on the outside, on the inside you could mistake it for being as soft as a kitten.  Beastly looks?  Yes.  Beastly power?  No.

The Monster XL’s main advantage is again its intimidating looks and size.  The looks are undeniably really cool, to the point where somebody with ultra-cool shades and a laid back attitude would think rocks.  In addition, it has two, that’s right, TWO barrels with six nozzles each, with an ‘Off’ setting on one to allow one nozzle to be fired if running low and needing to conserve (which you’ll need to).  This makes for absolutely unlimited combinations which upon looking is enough to make anyone faint.  The nozzles are the same as the Monster/X, only double with one being without the AquaStorm setting replaced by ‘Off.’  Because a successful hit will definitely soak your opponent enough to the point that they may as well have not put any clothes on, the Monster XL at least delivers when it comes to soaking somebody.  The tracked pump and whole construction of this thing is flawless, really built to last and able to take many a beating, not that I suggest it though, take as much care as possible.  This thing even has a bipod, so when not using you could almost use it as a trophy as an achievement...of some sort.  The quick fill port as well is also a big plus as well, for a soaker like this you’ll need it!  The usual strap and handle are there too, thank goodness it has them!  Like the rest of the Monster blasters there is also a translucent pressure gauge that uses the firing chamber.  The whole image is basically I’m gonna kick your ass.

Sadly, things quite literally given the XL’s weight come down to the ground with a huge thud.  The Monster XL is so heavy and impractical to use in a proper battle most of the time unless you are strong.  Put it this way, you know when you get one of those sports cars that look good and scream out at you, and then you turn it round a corner and almost nothing happens?  That’s the XL in a battle for you, very difficult unless you are very big and strong to use effectively.  Also, the sheer amount of pumps this thing needs is agonising, by the time you fully pump it, everybody would have left probably.  The large firing chamber combined with the reservoir volume to support the large nozzles suffers as well, as you’ll only get around just over two shots per tank, just over three if you use the fill pump then fill again method, this really is the gas guzzler of Super Soakers.  The bipods also interfere with pumping if you have them folded, which is extremely annoying, so basically to pump better you have to have them out, meaning that if you fall down there is a chance of snapping, not a good idea.  Finally, the Monster XL has a lack of power for its size, yes it comes out in a big blast, but unlike on other smaller blasters it doesn’t feel rioty at all really, the force ain’t quite so strong with this one.

While the Monster XL wins in terms of looks, soakage and intimidation, sadly it falls face first to the ground when it comes to actual battle usefulness, again, unless you are big and strong, which sadly I’m not.  It is a fun blaster at the end of the day which is what we want; however it is not a blaster you would want to use for many situations.  The lack of power for its size, sheer weight and pumping times that take an eternity heavily limit it to really just being by the hose and stopping people getting past a certain area.  It is more for looks than using again unless you are really strong.  If you want a double barrelled Super Soaker that is cheaper and of more practical use, I recommend you look for an XXP 275 instead.

Using the Monster XL

Use it for attention or entertainment seeking purposes only or if you plan to stay by the hose and charge it to stop people from getting past soaking them.

Against the Monster XL

A strong Monster XL user can still be effective, one big hit from it will soak you loads.  Use a smaller agile blaster and take advantage of the low range, long pump times and poor manoeuvrability.

Ratings /100%
Power 70
Weight 40
Mobility 40
Intimidation 100
Soakage 100
Durability 100
Efficiency 40
Overall 55%