Nozzle Valve & Casing Swap

Tools/Items Used


In order to get this integration/modification underway, we’ve got to swap bits round.  Thankfully, since the 2000 and 2500 are pretty much the same internal part wise, the parts we are swapping have the same connections.

I will need the nozzle valve; here it is with the nozzle selector over the top.


And the valve piece itself separated.


With that ready, the cosmetic nozzle cover piece on the 2000 is going to be unscrewed off.


With it unscrewed and taken off with a Philips head screwdriver, the nozzle valve plastic pieces are the same, only difference is the 2500’s is made for 3 nozzles.


I now have to unscrew the 8 screws that hold the 2000’s nozzle piece on, and then gently pry it off.  It is housed with glue; however there are areas that you can get into with a flathead screwdriver, once you have your foot in the door, being gentle the nozzle piece comes off.



It is now just an easy case of doing the same but in reverse, and no glue to deal with by screwing the 2500’s nozzle valve piece over instead.


And finally, I just need to put the 2500’s nozzle casing over, which is the same fit as the 2000’s nozzle cover.  5 screws tightened later, the piece was over.


I am done on this part, now time to actually get this nozzle on well and also improve the 20x!