PC Sealing

Tools/items needed:

-Low viscosity superglue

This is a very quick and easy job.  From when the Hydro Cannon was modded the first time, the plastic part that limits how far the 2500’s pressure chamber expands to was pried off.  However now the chamber basically forced it off whenever you pumped to full, so you’d hear a pop.  It did it to the point where it pushed the reservoir plastic further back, in which you’d have to grip it where you could see it near the back and push it back in using the reservoir!  Time to seal it back on again.

Here it is ready.


Once taken out, to make the chamber extend a bit further, but not enough to damage the life of it, that crosshair type piece is coming out.


With some fairly chunky pliers, I got a grip of each end, weakening it, in which it tore out not too badly.


Next we need the low viscosity superglue to stick it on.


I knew I was going to get some on my hands as this is fiddly, put some around each side, but not covering all of it, I inserted it snugly into the end of the chamber, where it sealed nice enough.


And that’s it, all secure!