After getting a CPS 2500 that was new, it turned out after a while to be faulty having pressure problems that weren’t really fixable, so, this 2500 as Captain Picard described Worf’s ship in First Contact is ‘adrift but salvageable.’  It didn’t take long for the salvage operation to begin.  In fact the CPS 2500’s nice fresh parts made way for two hybrid blasters, the first of which is the CPS 2025.

I had a CPS 2000 Mk2 that could do with a bit of a pimped out outfitted new look big dawg style.  It was the weakest power wise of the three I own, and also had a pressure chamber case that had faded to an unattractive yellow.  Not only that the internal tubing that pumps water from the reservoir through to the PC were dirtier than poop in a bag, so with a new fresh pressure chamber and casing and internal tubing from the 2500, along with changing its colour from purple to red using the 2500’s nice fresh red reservoir and cosmetic pieces, the salvaged 2500 was already being put to good use.

It would also be an interesting integration to see what a good CPS 2500 pressure chamber can produce when it is put through the same pure one nozzle design of the 2000, it should bring out the 2500’s raw characteristics quite nicely.

Now you are about to uncover the CPS 2025.