I’ve done my fair share of things to blasters over time, some were a success and some just flopped like a bad Star Trek movie in the series, however since this is probably the last thing I do as I have purchased all the soakers I wanted back, I want my series to end with something that worked.  Who knows though maybe I’ll do something else every now and then.

I still had certain parts left from the new faulty CPS 2500 I had, namely the nozzle selector piece, the valve nozzle piece it screwed onto, and the casing that went around it.  Basically the whole nozzle assembly.  I did not want this part to go to waste, as the 2500’s nozzle selector does offer a lot more flexibility.  It is not without its issues though.  One being that the 20x blast on it is more inconsistent than an Alfa Romeo’s reliability of completing a journey.  The second and most annoying is because the selector covers the casing, it has to be unscrewed off.  The screw on it is very poor as once (or twice if you are lucky) it has come off, the plastic thread it screws into to seal the nozzle on is so weak that it can no longer fully tighten the nozzle on anymore.  You can use a screw size that is one step larger (which I did) to secure it on, however this only lasts one time again so if you need to once again get the nozzle off then you are left with the same problem, and using a screw size bigger is no use as you then risk breaking the threaded wall it goes into meaning you have no pivoting support at all.

Thing is though, the 2500 nozzle selector is useful, and I was determined to not only put this part to use, but also to fix it and come up with a more well done design solution in the process.  I had another CPS 2000 Mk2 lying around, a very powerful one at that, #3047 as seen from the comparison page.  Combine that with 3 nozzles including a well sized 10x and this should make for something deadly.  Even better as I will be sorting out the 20x nozzle which will mean opponents will have to fear every nozzle setting.  Out of more ashes of a now defunct blaster, the CPS 2050 is born, or should I say, ‘fear is reborn.’