Replacing Gun Hose Connection

For this you will need:

-Standard UK garden hose connector piece
-Hot water

This part is rather straight forward. The hardest part is getting the original end piece of the guns hose off. Sadly I don't have a picture for this, but basically all you have to do is unscrew the two screws on the plastic clamping piece, and gently pry it away with a flathead screwdriver as it partially glued.

Next, the part the tubing connects into needs to come off, partially and gently pry it a little, then run it under hot water and use your strength to pull it out, then you are left with a bare hose, ready to put the standard hose connector piece on as seen here.


The best part, is that back then, Larami made the tubing around the same size as normal hose tubing, so it fits over nicely. Fit it over as far as it will go, with the threaded tightening piece off but still on the tubing.


Tighten with the threaded piece now that the piece is firmly on.


And there you have it, the gun now just clicks on to the backpack for filling.