Reservoir Cap Thread Removal

Tools/items needed:

-Craft/carving knife
-Duct tape
-Electrical tape

This thankfully is the final part of slimming down what is left of the reservoir.  I am focusing on the threaded part that sticks out for the now defunct/will no longer be using reservoir cap to fit on.

I first put it ready in the vice.


It is now time to saw it off.


With that sawed off, it is time to use the craft knife again to peel away to areas that stick out given that the threaded part is fully flat (well duh, it is on a curved reservoir tank!).


After that was done along with some filing and sanding to get rid of any bad sharp bits and burring, it looked like this, ready for the last part.


The final part here is that we need to cover up this hole, probably a bit pointless so this will get covered up the outside later anyway so you don’t even see this bit, however I just wanted tidy.  I used some duct tape to cover it, with some electrical tape to hold it down at both ends.


There, finished!  Now on to the tubing.