SC 500


Little is said when it comes to the Super Charger 500, it is basically like someone who is in the background of a wedding picture, or a B-Side that is not spoken much of.  Deep down inside though, just like the person, or the B-Side, the SC 500 isn’t all as boring as you think it would be, in fact, it is a very simple and sensible blaster that does  actually have uses, it is just nobody really notices sadly.

The main part of the SC 500 is its sheer simplicity and how powerfully compact it is.  This is just basically a nice looking simple blaster, with a pump, nozzle, trigger, a pressure chamber and a reservoir with no stupid gimmicks thrown in at all.  It also uses CPS technology too, which for a blaster this size is excellent; in fact, it is one of the smallest blasters to use CPS technology ever made, not bad.  It is so easy to use as well, fill it up, pump it very quickly, it only takes around 9-12 quick and easy pumps, then fire away for a good seven seconds or so.  The output is around 1.8x, which is pretty solid for a blaster this size.  Being in the Super Charger line as well you can also insert the nozzle into a Quick Fill Device, enabling you to fill quickly, which unlike many bigger Super Chargers and Monsters, it actually does, so you’ll win at pit stops.  The colours are also pretty nice, depending of what version you get, there is hot funky pink/purple with a grey body or even funkier, purple with neon green, they are pretty bold colours, but somehow the blaster still holds its originality.

The main problem is that being the more sensible type of blaster, it is not really that hard hitting like bigger CPS’s and also large air pressure soakers, so if you are looking a bit crazy then the SC 500 is not it.  If you get the first version of it as well then it is less powerful given it used air pressure technology.  Another problem is no tracked pump, so if you leave the pump out and act like a dumbass and fall breaking it, then that’s it until you can fix it, which definitely won’t be in an instant.  There’s no strap either, at least you can put one on without too much trouble.  The shots per tank aren’t massive either given the size, so you can run out quick if you aren’t careful.

As a whole though, the SC 500 doesn’t break any boundaries, and doesn’t have the power along the lines of bigger CPS blasters, however its overall compactness and just sheer simplicity make it worthy of a mention and also a recommendation.  I’ve always had a thing for it, if you see one and just want something small and simple, then I say buy it.  The SC 500 comes in useful for the smaller battles, as a sidearm if you are crazy enough to wield more than one blaster or just generally having some fun.

Using the SC 500

Smaller to medium blasters at most; anything bigger then things get tougher.  However being very light and compact the SC 500 can be used effectively and easily.  Use it just to have fun too.

Against the SC 500

A CPS 1000 or higher should have little trouble, same with larger air pressure blasters.  Just watch out for the SC 500’s lightness, as the user can pretty nippy with one; they’ll run out quicker though.

Ratings /100%
Power 80
Weight 90
Mobility 90
Intimidation 60
Soakage 60
Durability 90
Efficiency 80
Overall 80%