SC 600


You’d think the SC 600 would be an SC 500 just a bit bigger, in which it may leave you thinking it is better, sadly, it isn’t.  Could have been, however as with many things the full potential gets lost like money flying out of somebody’s pocket without realising.  Still, it’s not bad and has a few things going for it.

Main thing like the 500 is its simple and compact design making it a very easy to use and dependable blaster.  The colours while not as nice as the 500’s are also nice, there is either beige with orange and a hint of grey/black, or the better colour personally of blue and red.  One very noticeable good thing about the 600 is its very long firing time of over ten seconds because of the larger CPS firing chamber, in terms of a pissing contest of Super Soakers the 600 would go pretty high in the charts.  The other good thing is how comfortable it feels, all of which again is helped by its simple good looking design.  Like the 500 too there is also the option of being able to insert the nozzle into a Quick Fill Device if you have one handy which will fill up the chamber as well as the reservoir if you can’t be bothered to do it manually from the tap and pump up.

Now the main problem that walks in and spoils the show is that the stream is rather weak in size and doesn’t erupt out.  It is around 1.7x in output.  So again people who want raw more crazy power, it is not here, move along people, move along nothing to see here.  It also takes more pumps than the 500 too, fair enough not many more, but if you are looking for that SC 500 style quickness then it is not quite that here.  You need to watch for the pump snapping too since it is not tracked.  The other problem is because the firing chamber is so large, the amount it holds is more than half of what the reservoir holds, which means if you don’t fill it then pump and fill again, then you’ll get only around one and a half shots per tank, when it comes to award for the least full shots per tank the SC 600 comes close if not scoops it.  Also like the 500, if you get the very first version, it is weaker in terms of power as well, and that doesn’t help given it is not that powerful anyway.

My overall opinion of the SC 600 is very mixed, more bad rather than good sadly.  Sure, it has a good simple feel and design along with a great shot time. However it is really let down by the very small output and just lack of hard hitting power, basically one of the Mr Nice pleasant Super Soakers, just too pleasant really it wouldn’t make anyone run away and grab all their belongings.  It does have uses and with the good you should take of all things you buy will last you ages, however there is a lot better out there, it’s hard to believe back this cost the same as a CPS 1000 did, not everything was fantastic in the Larami days, although most of it was, compared to now sadly.

Using the SC 600

Smaller blasters and some blasters around the same size are good match, even the 500 is.  However anything with the word CPS on it or something like the XXP 275, then I’d put your hands up.

Against the SC 600

Smaller blasters may have some trouble, any larger air pressure blaster though or a CPS blaster then a 600 user will be soaked pretty soon, also even the smallest Speed Loader can cause trouble.

Ratings /100%
Power 60
Weight 90
Mobility 90
Intimidation 60
Soakage 60
Durability 90
Efficiency 60
Overall 55%