SC Big Trouble


The SC Big Trouble is basically the Power Pak’s little brother, and to be honest, you couldn’t blame it for hating it’s big brother, as the Power Pak pretty much set a pretty high standard to follow.  The Big Trouble while not being as outrageously crazy as the Power Pak, still has enough in it to say to its opponents that it is ‘Big Trouble,’ and will soak the crap out of anything that comes near.

The Big Trouble is pretty simple, just a small four nozzle mini blaster with a release valve and hose connector/charging nozzle with a tube connecting to a around two litre cylindrical CPS chamber in a rather odd shaped plastic backpack.  Looks like one of those things you see out of one of those kiddie alien movie/cartoons, mind you, the Big Trouble unlike the Power Pak is in a way aimed at the younger audience.  The colours are funky good kinda.  The nozzle settings are like the Power Pak’s but smaller, there’s the long firing 1.5x, the useless the Sweep Stream (just basically a fan nozzle, better for watering plants), the devastating 8.5x nozzle and the long firing but pretty useless Power Burst nozzle.  Main thing is 1.5x is there for conserving and pretty soaking too, and 8.5x is there if you can’t wait and just want to make your opponents clothes stick to them like a sloppy adhesive.  The whole blaster weight being on your back makes the whole thing very light and agile, so when your opponents run off and try to pump they’ll be so frustrated as you’ll be right on them and drowning them.  Another thing to note is how the blaster has a pressure gauge again just using the firing chamber on the backpack, like the Power Pak it is a bit pointless though since you can’t see it when filling.

Problem with the Big Trouble is, well, I just can’t help but feel that it could have been a bit better.  I mean only half of the nozzles are useful for battling being the 1.5x and 8.5x nozzles, and while fan is always going to be useless, the Power Burst could have at least been a bigger more soaking non stream setting, sure it lasts ages but we want something on a blaster like this that strikes more instant terror than that, at least the Power Pak had a Saturator nozzle which was terrifying, and that’s what made the blaster fantastic in so many ways.  It is very easy to waste your water quickly on 8.5 x too, so make it count.  Also, the backpack is a weird goofy shape for my liking, looks almost too kiddie, it would be better if the backpack was just plain square/rectangular.  Holding less than it’s brother you can run out quicker given it holds around the same as CPS 2100 sized blasters.  The final problem just like the Power Pak is how it is Quick Fill Device dependant only, so if you don’t have one, then it becomes useless basically.

The SC Big Trouble is underrated, as it can pretty much cause death by water in an instant, however it is not perfect, the Power Pak when it comes to all out fear and devastation is still the one to get, however at least the Big Trouble is more durable with way less to go wrong.  It packs a good punch just like what many good old Larami blasters could do and is worth a purchase if you see one.  Being underrated is good in this case, as it sure can give opponents a shock.  It’s just a shame how well, it could have been better, but oh well, not a bad blaster at all though that can cause ‘Big Trouble.’

Using the SC Big Trouble

Even though it is a smaller CPS/SC backpack blaster, given you don’t need to pump at all most blasters are approachable because of the high soakage, shot time and mobility.

Against the SC Big Trouble

Everyone approach with caution, unless you have a Power Pak or a large CPS, which even then is hard, then just well, do the best you can to soak the user at every opportunity, mainly when it retreats to refill is best.  Or you could just cheat and steal the user’s Quick Fill Device.

Ratings /100%
Power 80
Weight 85
Mobility 85
Intimidation 80
Soakage 85
Durability 90
Efficiency 70
Overall 80%