Some More Trimming

Tools/items needed:

-Craft knife
-Philips screwdriver

I thought that with the new tubing fitted, it would all close up fine, sadly it didn’t.  You could probably still close the gun; however you’d squash the tubing heavily reducing the intake water flow when pumping.  Some more trimming was in order, it is getting dangerously close to what a lot of celebrities do to slim themselves down now!


We will be focusing on where this screw is.  It is one of the screws that holds two parts of the body together, however it will make no difference with it gone as there are plenty more to hold it in areas where we won’t be interfering with.


With the bog standard Philips screwdriver, I took out the screw, and with the craft knife started to carve off and reduce the raised bit of plastic that is squashing the tubing.


There is a part next to it that I have circled that I also needed to trim down.


Once again with the craft knife I chopped a piece off.


I trimmed the piece where the screw was down even more as much as I could.  The process was then repeated on the other side of the body.  Using a dremel would most likely be quicker and less dangerous than using the craft knife; however I didn’t have one to easily get to at the time.  When that was done the internals were put back in.  The tubing still gets squashed a little, but it is not bad to the point where it will affect things.


The whole two parts of the body covering things up with the tubing sticking out the rear, things are starting to come together now.


Not much left to do on the tubing part now.  The next part covers drilling a hole on the covering piece at the back for the tubing to go through.