Speed Loader 1000


440mL - 15.5oz

Shot Time
7.5m - 24.75'
11m - 36.3'
80mL - 2.8oz

Pump Volume
Shots Per Tank


The Speed Loader 1000 was released in 1999 by W3 (Wild Water Weapons).  Now, at first many will think, another rip off poorly performing blaster, nope!  This and every other Speed Loader boasted the famous Quick Fill Device (QFD) feature and also CPS technology.  This however got complaint from Larami, and even though sources suggest W3 invented the QFD first, they ultimately lost and had it taken away from them, even though the bigger issue was that they used CPS which was patented.

A very simple blaster, but also for what it is, a pistol, really powerful and soaking!  Super Soakers this things size don’t have this much power, it’s almost cheating like taking steroids for the Olympics, in fact, as the motto W3 made on the boxes of ‘Water fights don’t have to be fair!’ it is cheating!  The nozzle is almost 3x in output which for a blaster like this is fantastic.  The ruggedness is brilliant too so chances are it will last ages and take a lot of crap.  It feels and looks great with jam red body and custard yellow along with a bit of orange and blue colours.  Even has a pressure gauge along the side, this company pretty much did everything.  And to top it all off, easy to use and for the lazy person you’ll never have to pump, if that doesn’t please you then good luck trying to get someone else to do practically everything for you.  Again, given the size of this thing, the CPS power and water deliverance from it without any pumping is bound to make someone fall to the knees (and get soaked in the process).

The main problem with the Speed Loader 1000 is that along with being rare nowadays, is that being quick fill only it is a bit limited if far away from a hose, and completely useless if there is no hose and QFD present.  Combine that with that being a pistol it doesn’t hold much to begin with, so make sure you aren’t too far away cos like with every blaster that only fills from the hose they can eat away their water supply faster than Kojak at the lollies.

Still, if you want a blaster that is small and powerful where you don’t need to pump the Speed Loader 1000 is great.  Even so, it is a great blaster in general and comes highly recommended providing you can find one since they are rare nowadays.  They are pretty inexpensive though if you do which is even better so you won’t need to spend too much.  Not only that the Speed Loader 1000 like with almost every other Speed Loader is so durable and dependable it will probably live longer than you will.

Using the Speed Loader 1000

Similar sized blasters are very good since it provides great power and soakage in a very tight package.  Create some sort of holder and you can use it as a sneaky second blaster.  You can compete with slightly bigger too, however you won’t be able to keep up given the smaller capacity.

Against the Speed Loader 1000

Smaller, similar sized and even slightly larger blasters like the SC 500/600 watch out.  Even small CPS’s watch out, however just conserve and make the user run out quickly as being a pistol it cannot keep up the pace after a short while, but is pretty strong when it does.

Ratings /100%
Power 80
Weight 90
Mobility 90
Intimidation 60
Soakage 80
Durability 100
Efficiency 80
Overall 85%